8 West

Interior space consists of a full, vacant floor with access to a balcony. Additional exterior space is the rooftop patio on Level 9.

Our Neighbors, The Gift Givers

Located next door to our facilities’ neighborhood at The Works, Adelina Social Goods is the perfect place to purchase your next gift for a loved one.

Our Favorite Furry Friends

We admire PAWS Atlanta’s devotion to providing a high quality of life for animals, commitment to a community-centered mission, and focus on how pet ownership can enrich our lives.

Keeping Atlanta Green

We applaud the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper’s dedication to sustainable practices, passion for protecting the Chattahoochee River, and enthusiasm for taking responsibility for an invaluable ecological resource.

A Fresh Start in Healthy Cooking

We love Virginia’s adventurous spirit, gourmet sensibilities, and appreciation for plant-based recipes.