Bar Management

With decades of bar experience, we can organize all the licensing, build-out, compliance, and staffing needed for your event’s bar.

Our highly dedicated team can also manage:

  • Complete Bar Management
  • Acquiring Bar Permits & Liquor Licenses
  • Effective Bar Design
  • Including Point-of-Sale (POS) Technology
  • Dedicated Bar Manager & Bar Staff Training
  • Full Inventory & Financial Reporting
  • Wine, Beer, and Liquor Options & Pricing
  • Specialty Drink Creation
  • Product Promotion
  • Complete Bar Build-Out According to Code Standards
  • Our team is ServeSafe Certified. With over a dozen trained bartenders and instructors, you can rest assured that those behind the bar know what they’re doing and how to do it the right way

Shaken & Stirred

Our Bar Management goes above and beyond just serving your guests wine and beer – we also handle all legal matters concerning and surrounding acquiring a venue liquor license. When a renowned Atlanta art gallery asked for our help to install a permanent beverage fixture and bar services in their facility. Our team worked diligently to bring their facilities fully up to code and create their now illustrious and distinguished bar facilities. In addition to obtaining a liquor license, our team elevated their overall bar experience by providing a full-time bar manager to service all special events at the gallery. Our bar manager oversees their new built-in bar, walk-in cooler, and behind-the-scenes kitchen creating a streamlined and “no surprises” operation. With our help, the gallery can now offer customizable beverage packages for all their clients, returning and new.