Venue Management

Whether you’re looking to launch a new event venue or to find an external management team, our Venue Management service brings over four decades of event planning experience to the table. We can help your space reach its full potential by creating a personalized strategy supplemented with AFFAIRS’ many resources.
Our services include:

  • Assembling Sales & Marketing Teams
  • Maximizing Event Designs & Layouts
  • Sourcing Fixtures & Furniture
  • Sourcing Event Vendors
  • Selecting Venue Service Technicians
  • Crafting Marketing Strategies
  • Drafting Marketing Materials
  • Integrating Social Media
  • Enhancing Overall Guest Experience
  • Fully Inclusive Production System
  • Overseeing Financial Reporting
  • Utilizing Contact Manager Software Programs

Industry Expertise

When an iconic, Atlanta theatre wanted to find external solutions to reach their full potential and enhance overall guest experience, they looked to us and our team of incredible industry professionals. Our team offered a fully inclusive experience – we handle every aspect of an event including design, planning, budgeting, and execution. In addition to managing event production at their venues, we also vetted and updated their approved and recommended vendors to ensure the best quality of service for their clients. We also provide ongoing support to their marking team, their public relations team, their business forecasting, and their reporting team. In addition to supporting their internal teams, we bring to the table our unique high-touch marketing experiences which include exclusive venue tours and guest surveys. We schedule and facilitate private venue tours that are designed to impress and delight new clients while they enjoy light refreshments – the tours are incredibly effective. Thanks to our involvement, their event spaces increased revenue to record-breaking levels. Currently, we continue to work together to create exceptional client experiences and increase their opportunities as an event venue.