Full Event Production

Our Full Production Event Consulting meets the challenge of designing, managing, and orchestrating your special event with decades of industry experience and a highly dedicated team.

We can manage your event from concept to clean-up.


  • Creation of Large-Scale Events
  • Venue Selection
  • Vendor Management
  • Communications Coordination
  • Strategic Conceptualizing
  • Responsible Budgeting
  • Focusing Vision & Overall Mission


  • Message Integration
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Décor Arrangements
  • Entertainment Booking
  • Audiovisual Elements
  • Transportation Coordination
  • Contact Capture
  • Attendee Registration
  • Mobile Technology Consultation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Practical Logistic Planning


  • Logistics & Production Management
  • Onsite Administration & Support
  • Facilitating Meaningful Attendee Engagement
  • Maximizing Fundraising Efforts
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Unforgettable Guest Experiences


Award-Winning Finale

Our 2018 Allie Award winning event was a spectacular finale to a week-long conference for our client’s annual, globe-trotting convention designed to celebrate their team and their accomplishments. That year, their annual convention took place in Atlanta and our client asked for our help creating an amazing spectacle to make that the convention unforgettable. Our objective was to give our client’s guests a high-end, unforgettable experience that featured live, Grammy-award-winning entertainment and locally sourced, Southern food. We worked alongside a team of trusted vendors to produce the unforgettable evening by selecting the unique venue, preparing a bounty of locally sourced food, crafting specialty branding opportunities, arranging fascinating design with special effects, and orchestrating the live, Grammy Award-Winning entertainment. It’s hard to decide whether we are prouder of the 20-story Ferris wheel covered with our client’s branding, the “Vintage Summer Candy Shop” station with 20+ different kinds of sweet treats to pick from, the branded social media booth, the live artist painting a larger-than-life portrait of a guitar with the client’s logo on it, or the spectacular special effects accompanying the live Grammy Award-Winning entertainment that were in the client’s logo colors! The entire evening was full of stunning spectacle, delicious food, and clever branding opportunities. Our client was overjoyed with how our team had gone above and beyond to produce such a show-stopping evening that entertained their guests from the moment they arrived to the moment they left.

Bestselling Celebration

A New York Times Best Selling author asked for our help creating their newest book launch celebration. He wanted a night dedicated to saying ‘thank you,’ to all those who had helped him along his journey to finishing his book. The evening consisted of an official launch for the author’s new book and an interview/talk back with gathered friends, family, and fans. By fully producing the event, we oversaw more than just the catering. We organized the venue selection, catering choices, beverage services, event décor, AV equipment, and photo booth entertainment. Our objective was to provide the guests with a fun, interactive, and celebratory evening by providing a stunning and cohesive ‘bookstore’ design, organizing large book-themed decorations, and temporarily installing both live entertainment and interactive entertainment. With hard work and diligent delegating, we orchestrated an unforgetting evening of celebration. Our book-themed design, delectable anti-pasta table, and sparkling mirror photo booth dazzled and delighted all who were there. The author was extremely pleased with his book launch and sent a glowing video review letting us know just how much he loved it.

Fire & Ice

Every year, we produce the annual awards event for an Atlanta-based real estate company. Since we have produced this event for the past decade, it is always an exciting challenge to impress their guests even more than last time with each new year’s celebration. This event is important because it honors their team members for a job well done. Our objective for one year’s event was to provide a top-of-the-line event that would entertain and welcome everyone from executive to entry level. We did so by creating a ‘fire & ice’ theme that literally split the event space in half with one side being ‘fire’ and the other ‘ice’. We orchestrated the split design and décor, the lounge seating with themed lighting, the specialty drinks and catering, the linens and centerpieces including the ice carvings, and the signature entertainment including an ice queen and a fire acrobat. Forty minutes into the event, we dramatically revealed the split ‘fire & ice’ space, and all our client’s guests were extremely impressed. Our clients were so impressed that one of their employees left a glowing review where he raved:
“If I could give them 10 stars I would! Rich at Affairs to Remember is incredible with his design, creativity, and delivery. I have worked with him for over 10 years. We are to the point now that I give him my budget and theme and tell him to run with it. He has done everything from grand openings to awards celebrations for me and always delivery's more than I could imagine. I love the WOW factor he puts on the events. He adds a level of surprise to my events and even as the person throwing the event; I walk in with a thrill and anticipation to see what he has added. Highly recommend giving him a cushion fund to add a level of surprise to your event. He will not disappoint you with the extras.”

Illuminating Holiday

Holiday parties hold a special place in our hearts. The seasonal celebrations often have an infections joy and each one we produce makes the holidays an even more special time for our team. One of our corporate clients asked us to help produce their company holiday party and wanted to create an “illuminating” experience at their venue of choice to celebrate. It was our goal to create a one-of-a-kind celebration with our tailored décor, vibrant entertainment, and great catering. The challenges of this event were our client’s strict budget and the venue’s difficult load-in situation. Both were deftly addressed by our incredible team and no part of the celebration had to be compromised to go above and beyond our client’s wishes while respecting their budget. We took themes from a mood board our client had cultivated and incorporated them into our planning and concepting decisions. The resulting event was magnificent. With glittering décor, an electric harpist, and scrumptious food, our client’s guests were extremely impressed as they thoroughly enjoyed their holiday celebration.

Tents Are Twice As Nice

We are very fortunate to work in the wedding industry. Being a part of a couple’s special day are memories that we continue to cherish, especially when we get to cherish them for more than one generation. In 1992, we produced a beautiful, tented wedding and reception for a wonderful young couple; in 2020, we produced another beautiful, tented wedding and reception for that wonderful young couple’s niece! It was our goal to create a contemporary, totally unique wedding for the niece of our previous client. Their family is known for their entertaining skills, so expectations were high as we made sure no corners were cut and no shortcuts were taken at the expense of the event. We managed the entire event production and delivery of services including: four-day load-in of equipment, set-up, and tenting, installing heaters and lights, building a remote kitchen, answering the bathroom question, orchestrating a few hundred chairs and tables, organizing valets, arranging décor and, of course, catering the celebration. To make this wedding even more special, we used clear top tents so that the stars would be visible during the reception. We also decorated trees around the family’s property, with special attention paid to their “family tree,” to help highlight and incorporate the beautiful nature surrounding the venue, turning it into a wedding wonderland. Both of our clients, aunt and niece, were incredibly happy with their beautiful, tented weddings under the stars at their family home.