Our Neighbors, The Gift Givers

Located next door to our facilities’ neighborhood at The Works, Adelina Social Goods is the perfect place to purchase your next gift for a loved one. Adelina Social Good’s emphasis on community responsibility, dedication to hospitality, and stylishly modern offerings. We adore their wide variety of calligraphy supplies!

As a local gift shop, Adelina Social Goods aspires to be a true neighbor to West Atlantans. They’ve crafted an atmosphere of creative elegance within a warm and welcoming environment. One of their specialties is bridal stationery and they have a large assortment of beautiful choices ready for you to peruse.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, wedding gift, house-warming gift, or even a gift just because – we know you’ll find just the right one at Adelina Social Goods. And the best part? They gift wrap too!

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Adelina Social Goods is the Westside’s go-to for all things social. From cocktail supplies to gift wrap to stunning tableware, we strive to create a beautiful shopping environment where you’ll feel welcomed and inspired to bring a sense of radical hospitality back to your friends and family in your own home.

Our latest addition, Curated Cocktail Kits are a perfect way to give a beautiful and thoughtful gift without the stress! We’ve crafted a selection of cocktail accoutrement and paired them with recipe cards so your loved ones will receive everything they need to celebrate at home. Looking for the perfect, refreshing gift for an upcoming birthday? Our Cool Cuke Cocktail Kit is just the thing. Have a whiskey lover in your life? Try the Bittersweet Cocktail Kit – it’s like an Old Fashioned taken to a whole new level. And who doesn’t love a Perfect Margarita? The Margaritaville Kit includes an all-natural Perfect Margarita mixer, Oaxacan Salt for rimming, and dehydrated lime wheels for the perfect garnish.

Kits are available in store wrapped and ready to gift, so pop in and you’ll be out the door with a gorgeous and unique gift in just minutes!

Adelina Social Goods was born out of Sarah Noble’s deep love for hospitality and making people feel valued through entertaining. After working in the stationery industry for over 15 years and in a plethora of retail stationery and gift shops before that, Sarah finally felt that the time was right to create her own space where she could curate a specialized shopping experience all her own. 2020 turned out to be a tough year for opening a brand-new retail shop, but after postponing the grand opening for six months and launching a webstore, a Cocktail Club, and working to build a reputation virtually, Adelina finally opened for in-person shopping in September of 2020. We’re now about to celebrate our 1-year anniversary with a grand celebration all Labor Day Weekend long, so come out to celebrate with us!


Adelina is located at The Works on Atlanta’s Upper Westside.

1235 Chattahoochee Ave NW, Suite 146, Atlanta GA 30318