Ambient Studios

1910. That’s when this studio was built. That’s more than 100 years ago. Before the Titanic. Before World War I. Of course, when they built it they didn’t know it was a studio. They thought they’d built a factory for transforming raw cotton into fire-retardant fabrics. And they did just that for about 84 years. Next came a few years of handwringing and a few more of neglect and abandonment. In 2007, they finally turned it over to Jason Ivany. He set it back on track and transformed it into the daylight studio it was always meant to be just before the 100-year mark.


  • Indoor


  • Intown
  • Inside Perimeter
  • Westend

Guest Count

  • < 50
  • 51 – 100
  • 101 – 200
  • 201 – 500

Multiple Spaces

  • Yes
585 Wells St SW • Atlanta, Georgia 30312