Ella Embry

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Ella Embry works as the Marketing & Communications Specialist managing website administration, social media engagement, and internal communications. Ella is a summa cum laude graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi where she received her first academic publication for her honors thesis, published and produced two of her original plays, and started the student playwrighting group Writers @ Play. Ella is passionate about theatre and loves to both be on the stage and write for it. She is currently a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, Working Title Playwrights, and C4 Atlanta. Ella hopes to one day have her original plays produced in Atlanta. Before joining the AFFAIRS family, she worked as a blog writer and has 30+ publications of her work online. She loves helping to tell AFFAIRS to REMEMBER’s stories, keeping her coworkers up-to-date, and sharing AFFAIRS wonderful work online.