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Picture This!: An Interview with Sandra and Greg

By Travis S. Taylor
Photo by Kristen Stoller
January 17, 2019

When I read or hear “dream team”, Picture This! Photography immediately comes to mind. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with wife and husband team, Sandra and Greg Scott, for more than eight years and the whole of the AFFAIRS to REMEMBER family has enjoyed that same pleasure for more than twenty years. They’re known throughout the hospitality industry for their spectacular work, their professionalism, their dedication to client satisfaction—consistently going above and beyond—and for just being two absolutely awesome human beings.

The people—and their companies—on our preferred vendor list are in actuality our ‘Trusted Partners’. We’re grateful for the experience of working with Sandra and Greg of Picture This! Photography for more than two decades—they’re in lockstep with our luxury brand and the high quality expected by our clients—and they’re fun! Relationships like this one can sometimes take years to build and when we’re fortunate they also become friendships. We love working with Sandra and Greg—and hold great respect and admiration for their creativity, craftsmanship, artistic perspective, and dynamic images—and proudly recommend them to our clients with the greatest of confidence,” said Rich Wilner, General Manager, AFFAIRS to REMEMBER.

We wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know Sandra and Greg a little better so I asked for an interview and of course they graciously said yes. Enjoy…

AFFAIRS to REMEMBER: What was the catalyst for the longtime trusted partnership that we’ve enjoyed with Picture This! Photography for so many years?

Picture This! Photography: After photographing several weddings at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, their director of events at that time, Sam Goldman, recommended us to AFFAIRS to REMEMBER’s Patrick Cuccaro. Patrick was looking for a new photographer to take natural light photos of AFFAIRS to REMEMBER’s event set-ups at venues (decor, food stations, buffets). This blossomed into a partnership with AFFAIRS to REMEMBER that has lasted for over 20 years!

AFFAIRS to REMEMBER: How did each of you get into photography and what’s the backstory on Picture This! Photography?

Picture This! Photography: We met right after college, where Sandra studied photography and did a lot of freelancing while working in the restaurant biz. Greg was a restaurant opener with California Pizza Kitchen (where we met), but also a hobbyist photographer. We hit it off right away and got married, before going into business together. Through restaurant connections and many co-workers getting engaged, Sandra had the opportunity to jump into the world of wedding and event photography, right as the photojournalistic style was taking off in the mid to late ’90s. Weddings were a perfect fit for her style of candid, documentary photography and after a year or so, business had boomed to the point where she needed to hire another photographer. Greg was interested in learning the ropes and after he got several weddings under his belt by interning with Sandra, he was able to become a full-time photographer as well, and we formed “Picture This!” in 1998, which was one of the first husband & wife photography teams in Atlanta.

AFFAIRS to REMEMBER: What’s your favorite professional shot? Favorite personal shot?

Sandra: Professional – the nighttime skyline shot on our website‘s opening page. Personal – I have so many personal travel photos that I love, I can’t pick one!
Greg: Professional – the black & white shot on our Facebook page. For personal, it’s definitely the selfie we got with Josef Martinez after an Atlanta United match!

AFFAIRS to REMEMBER: You’ve beautifully photographed a countless number of weddings. What’s the most bizarre shot request you’ve ever received?

Picture This! Photography: It has to be the request for a shot of a group of about 10 groomsmen wearing no pants, only boxer shorts. It was a re-creation of a similar shot the groom’s dad did with his groomsmen at his wedding back in the ’70s.

AFFAIRS to REMEMBER: What are your thoughts on a phone-free/disconnected wedding ceremony? Reception?

Picture This! Photography: It would be great if all wedding ceremonies were phone-free so that we wouldn’t have pictures with guests holding their cellphones out in the aisle. However, we’ve noticed a trend of the officiant starting off the ceremony by asking that guests put their phones away. Not only does that help the photos, but it also ensures that the guests give their full attention to the event. But at receptions, go crazy, we don’t mind at all if people take pics with their phones.

AFFAIRS to REMEMBER: You also capture fantastic moments at corporate events. What has been the biggest surprise photographing one of these events?

Sandra: At a big corporate party/concert, went backstage to take pictures of Earth, Wind & Fire and the B-52’s with the clients.
Greg: Got to take VIP photos of clients with John Smoltz and Tom Glavine.

AFFAIRS to REMEMBER: What advice would you give a budding event photographer?

Picture This! Photography: Learn to use off-camera flash techniques for shooting indoor/evening events, learn Lightroom and Photoshop for post-production.

AFFAIRS to REMEMBER: You photograph events all over the world. What’s been your favorite destination?

Sandra: My sister’s wine country wedding in Sonoma, CA.
Greg: Downtown Charleston, SC, in a historic 240 year old church.

AFFAIRS to REMEMBER: Lighting can be staged. Equipment can be bought. Can a “photographer’s eye” be learned?

Picture This! Photography: A good “eye” is something that all photographers are constantly honing, but some people just have a natural knack for spotting interesting angles/compositions right away, regardless of equipment.

AFFAIRS to REMEMBER: What do you do for fun?

Picture This! Photography: We make an effort to travel whenever possible, both domestic and international. So far, we have been to 5 continents, 24 countries, and almost all of the states in the USA!

I’d like to offer Sandra and Greg of Picture This! Photography a huge “Thank you!” for the interview and for being so amazing to work with.

I hope you, the reader of this interview, will consider Sandra and Greg for your wedding photography and photography of other special events. We love them and think you will, too!

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