Special Agent William Neal

Green File G-090522—Classified


Special Agent William NealSpecial Agent William Neal is a hardened professional in the culinary industry. Well…maybe not hardened, since his favorite quip is, “Never trust a skinny chef!”


Agent Neal has held some interesting posts throughout his career. Starting as a chef, he became a business owner and now is in his current post as “Architect of Events, Innovation and Development Catering Consultant” for Affairs to Remember Caterers.


A true foil to Special Agent Patrick Cuccaro‘s fresh analytical eyes, Neal is known for leading with his heart, drawing from his years of experience in the industry. However, Neal is the leap-first-look-second type, someone who can use the more conservative, analytical Cuccaro by his side.


He is a devoted locavore and true believer in finding a more eco-friendly life for himself and his family. That feeds into his interest in gardening and transitioning to employing more sustainable practices, lending to a new favorite quip, “Dinner doesn’t get closer than from your own backyard!


Agent Neal’s personal time is filled with family and friends. He is the proud father to four, including twin boys, and is constantly concerned with the healthiest future he can provide his family. He loves the creative process, both in his home kitchen and professionally through designing innovative events for his clients.


William’s alter ego is William Neal, Architect of Events, Innovation & Development, for Affairs to Remember Caterers…[read more]