EPISODE 6: Of Trappist Monks and the Modern Day Green Revolution

In search of the truth, Special Agents William Neal and Patrick Cuccaro explore the mysterious Green world of sustainable special events and catering. What myths will they shatter? What will they uncover?


The Truth is out there…so we’re told.



In Episode 5, William and Patrick examined the reasons that local is good, but they’re reminded that Not everything about Green is black and white. This week they talk food, sustainability and craft beer!


WILLIAM: I have always known a lot about food pairings with wine, but I was unaware, until the last few years, of how easy it is to match some great craft beers with food.


We are fortunate here in Georgia to have several very good craft beer breweries and chefs across the South have embraced them as the great food-friendly libations they are, not just an after-work delight. Check out this map and be prepared to be amazed: Craft Beers on the Road


PATRICK: I feel a road trip coming on! With a designated driver that is!


WILLIAM: Yes, absolutely! MY suggestion is that we plan the trip geographically, incorporating a few beer-oriented meals into the mix!


Hey Patrick, do you know the story of the Trappist Monks and the beer they made?


A fundamental tenet dating back to the 1600s requires monasteries to be totally self-supporting. Trappists, like many other religious people, originally brewed beer to feed the community in order to achieve that local self-sufficiency. Nowadays, Trappist breweries make beer to fund themselves and their favorite causes.


One other tidbit…these monks were quite the entertainers! Early day caterers, you might say. Being in the party business, as we are, we can certainly appreciate that the monks often created large feasts for groups of 500-plus people and did so with only what they sourced locally, grew or hand made. They prepped, they set up, they served, AND they cleaned up! Just like our business! “Farm-to-GREAT-party.”


Today, these Trappist groups have evolved and have cultivated sustainable habits. This tidbit of history is amazing from the perspective of modern sustainability and the food miles we have examined in previous episodes. When dedication to local resources is consistent, there leaves no reason for Greenwashing.


PATRICK: I like to think of it as Greeniculousness. Some of the Green claims that companies now make are nothing short of Green-Ridiculous. They’re Greeniculous!


WILLIAM: But not so for these beer brewers. I have tried a few of the Trappist craft beers from Belgium, and they are very different than what we are accustomed to. Locally, Red Brick Brewing Co., SweetWater Brewing Company and Monday Night Brewing produce some amazing seasonally brewed and environmentally conscious craft beers for our community. That’s if you consider beer a “food” for the sake of “food miles.”


PATRICK: I actually consider beer a food GROUP, but go ahead…


WILLIAM: Me too! A majority of the beverages that they produce are consumed nearby, and that reduces their carbon footprint. Also, our local brewers work with various non-profits, further supporting our community. You sure can feel better about drinking beer when you know the money made is having a positive effect.


Along those same lines, SweetWater Brewing is a major supporter of the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, which our great eco friends Laura Turner Seydel and husband Rutherford started back in 1994. This organization monitors the river diligently for increases in pollutants and is responsible for vital conservation efforts that protect Atlanta’s primary water resource. Makes sense for a brewery, right? Good water = great beer.


PATRICK: I don’t really need a reason to feel good about drinking great local beer, William, but you’re right. It’s like a terrific vintage of wine, you know there is history behind it, you know lots of people received work AND enjoyment from the product over the years…and all that without a huge environmental impact. That is precisely the connection to Green authenticity—no Greenwashing or Greeniculousness here!


So throw me some examples of some great beer and food matches.


Red Brick-Poached Shrimp

WILLIAM: OK, how about at the next party let’s do our cocktail shrimp that’s poached in Red Brick Brewing Company’s seasonal Brown Beer, spices, sea salt and citrus? It takes the cocktail shrimp to a whole new level of flavor! Eat a few of those with the matching brew and it really makes flavor sense. Some folks claim to use local ingredients, but this dish is what it is because of local ingredients.


PATRICK: Love that shrimp! Love that beer!


WILLIAM: Yes, and best of all, we only have to walk across the street to get the brew for shrimp-poaching!


Another great combo: American IPA (Indian Pale Ale) with spicy foods. I love a great chipotle and lime grilled chicken with Red Brick’s “HopLanta“, the one with the frog on the label! Take a bite of chicken, hop around like a frog from the heat, and then cool it off with the IPA. Brilliant!


PATRICK: Interesting visual, William!


WILLIAM: Yes, but I know my stuff when it comes to great libation and great food marriages.


Here is an interesting flavor profile…Red Brick recently made a limited release of a beer infused with a dose of green tea. I really don’t know how to describe it to you without almost sounding like I’m describing wine! It had a flowery nose, but a rich earthiness where the tea enveloped the hops and pulled them out almost as though they were young and green, like saplings. Does that make sense?


PATRICK: A little over my head, but I definitely want to try that. And yes, it sounds like you are talking about wine. But the things that excite me about your description are the food possibilities to pair with such a unique brew!


WILLIAM: Exactly! It had me stumped for a while…or for a few bottles, I should say. Then it hit me…duck confit taco with finely shredded winter slaw and a dose of peppers for light heat! It was an ethereal combo!


Try me, ask me about some other combos. Whatcha got?


PATRICK: What about sustainable wines? Have you heard about the Benziger Bella Luna Pinot Noir 2009? Let’s talk about a subject where we can really UNCOVER the dirt on some great wine and food mysteries!


WILLIAM: Sounds kinda “shi-shi” to me compared to my humble little local brews. And expensive, too! But I am super excited to get into some wine with you as we investigate AND as we sample!


PATRICK: Ha, ha! Warming up the corkscrew now, Detective Neal. You’ll be surprised at the wine values and amazing food pairings I uncover for our loyal readers, William. But that’s next week, just in time for the holiday break and the New Year!


To be continued…



Are you “crafty” about your selections of beers and food? Are you an oenophile? What the heck is an oenophile? Please, share your thoughts on oenophilism with us in the comments section below.


Join us next week when Special Agents Patrick Cuccaro and William Neal investigate some vineyards, producers, food and wine pairings that put some FUN into being Green!



This week’s 3Rs…


What is Revealed?


REVEALED: Red Brick Brewing





What is Revered?


REVERED: Bill Bolling | Atlanta Community Food Bank





What is Reviled?


REVILED: Food Labels






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