EPISODE 24: The Anniversary Issue

In search of the truth, Special Agents William Neal and Patrick Cuccaro explore the mysterious Green world of sustainable special events and catering. What myths will they shatter? What will they uncover?


The Truth is out there…so we’re told.



We’re officially 24 episodes strong! That’s right folks, we have an anniversary to celebrate! Six months of Green blood, unpolluted sweat and the most pristine of tears have been shed to keep you informed about all things Green! As you now know, not only do we investigate, but we educate and advocate. So, let’s take a retrospective look at the last few months of our passionate work to see where we have endeavored to make a difference.


WILLIAM: Well, Agent Cuccaro, this has been an amazing journey, watching our ecologically oriented investigations unfold! What has been your favorite part?


PATRICK: “Ecologically oriented”? I would say we are far more than that, Agent Neal! How often do you see a blog written from a purely investigative angle–PLUS we talk of everything from craft beers and Green weddings to government waste and corporate polluters? Nowhere, say I, nowhere!


WILLIAM: As I wipe a tear welling in the corner of my eye, there is no other special agent I would ever want by my side as we tell the world about “Chicken on Drugs” or about “My Politicians Need a Good Spanking­”. In fact, Patrick, there is nobody I would want by my side more than you when navigating the “Could-a, Would-a, Should-a…. the Green Commitment” since there are few people more committed to the sustainable lifestyle than you!


PATRICK: Why, thank you, sir! And one of the things I am most proud of is the fact that even when the public outcry came to HAVE YOU committed, I resisted the urge of so many and convinced them that you were not completely crazy!


WILLIAM: The tears are flowing now, Patrick, simply gushing!


PATRICK: Looking back over the time we have worked on this project, I’m proud of much of it. Our message has been a “call to action”. Right out of the gate in, Prologue: EPISODE 1, we talked about making a personal connection to being Green and why our lives should involve moving towards sustainability as a way of helping our families and the planet.




 WILLIAM: We touched on that theme several times thoughout the past few months. Do you remember in EPISODE 20: How to Keep The Martians Out Of Your Green Home we connected the economic struggles many Americans faced over the past few years to how sustainability is affected by the ultimate “Green”: money?


PATRICK: Connect with folks in the pocketbook and they perk up–that episode certainly got some attention! The other episodes that got lots of notice were the ones that kept our politicians on their toes. In EPISODE 4: Bringing The Food To You we touched on what food miles were and what they mean to us from the perspective of carbon-offset. On some levels, this was a set up to the discussions about transportation dollars spent by our various government agencies in EPISODE 22: Baby You Can Drive My Car. In several episodes we talk about the role of government, since they provide the framework of regulations that help or hinder sustainability. I am sure that the local officials under the “gold dome” are on-notice that we ARE watching!


WILLIAM: But at the same time, Agent Cuccaro, we were very clear about the individual’s role of accountability. The ballot box gives us the only true power we have to control what our elected officials do or DON’T DO!


PATRICK: For sure! There is nothing like sending a strong message loud and clear to where it will have the desired effect!


WILLIAM: Hey, here is another strong message we have embraced in our blog: WE LOVE FUN, WE LOVE FOOD, WE LOVE GOOD LIBATION, WE KNOW HOW TO THROW A PARTY!


PATRICK: You bet we do, and our readers can count on our passion to deliver relevant info on sustainably oriented food, chefs who walk the Green walk AND, my personal favorites, craft beers and great wine! I loved discussing in EPISODE 6: Of Trappist Monks and The Modern Day Green Revolution the way sustainability was a practical way of managing life in ancient times. Many of those “ancient” principals still serve as inspiration in modern times.


WILLIAM: Yes, and we had fun when we talked about fine wines in EPISODE 7: Grapes with a Green Pedigree and then turned right around in EPISODE 21: Of Fine Wines and Disposable Cups: My Bordeaux vs. Your Bamboo to poke a Green finger into how to eat in style with disposables AND stay committed to sustainability! Now THAT takes some investigating, doesn’t it!


PATRICK: That was some really fun and some well-lubricated investigating for sure! How about from a chef’s perspective, William, which of our episodes has inspired you to be gastronomically Green?


WILLIAM: Of course I loved sharing the story in EPISODE 4 about crisp fall apples and educating my son about food miles. But from a culinary perspective, I really loved EPISODE 10: The Uber Tuber where I described the making of a rich and hearty stew!


PATRICK: That was a mouth-watering episode for certain!


WILLIAM: I can just smell the succulent aromas of the fresh beef, delicately caramelized organic vegetables, rich herbaceous broth and wine simmering now…


PATRICK: Stop it already! You’re making me hungry!


WILLIAM: That is generally the idea in the catering biz, you know!


PATRICK: Speaking of ideas and of catering or special events in general, the info we shared in EPISODE 17: The Party Season Begins! profiled a couple of great Atlanta venues available for hosting events, but we also talked about entertaining at home, all with a flair for Green living.


WILLIAM: Food, sustainability and parties! I am super excited by the direction we will be taking the next few months with our investigations.


In the next episode we begin a great three-part series called “A Chef ‘s Journey Toward Sustainability”.  We will be taking a look at specific ingredients, resources, inspirations and valuable tools that the world’s chefs employ in their goal of being sustainable.


PATRICK: That sounds really fun, Agent Neal, and I’m looking forward to these assignments. I encourage our readers to “brush up” on the last 24 episodes so they are ready to hit the ground running on the next 24!


WILLIAM: Thanks for all the great support and laser-like knowledge you bring to our work. I am sure the best is yet to come from our collaborations! Go, Green Files!


To be continued…



What “Green” topics would you enjoy learning more about? In other words, on what topic(s) or subject(s) would you like to see our Special Agents investigate and report? Please share with us in the Comments section below, or on our Social Media channels.


Join us IN TWO WEEKS on May 26 when we begin a new 3-part series that profiles some amazing things happening in the culinary world related to global and regional sustainable food sourcing, why certain ingredients are sustainable and some are not, as well as a treasure trove of Green facts.


NOTE: Our special agents are frequently undercover for in-depth investigations. They will be reporting in every two weeks.



This week’s 3Rs…


What is Revealed?


REVEALED: Scott O. Seydel





What is Revered?


REVERED: Our Blog Readers





What is Reviled?


REVILED: Television (certain aspects)






Agent Cuccaro

Special Agent
Patrick Cuccaro
UNIT: Legacy Green
Affairs to Remember Caterers
Special Agent Patrick Cuccaro possesses an analytical mind and keen intellect. As Past Chair of the Georgia Restaurant Association (2012)—representing more than 4,000 restaurants and 100,000 employees—he casts a studied eye towards one of the country’s largest creators of waste—the food industry. Armed with a vision for…[more]

Agent Neal

Special Agent
William Neal
UNIT: Legacy Green
Affairs to Remember Caterers
Agent William Neal is a hardened professional in the culinary industry. Well…maybe not hardened, since his favorite quip is “Never trust a skinny chef!” Agent Neal has held some interesting posts throughout his career. Starting as a chef, he became a…[more]

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