Why haven’t we caught on? It worked before!

When the benefits to humankind and Earth seem so obvious, it can be rather frustrating that sustainability isn’t a considerably broader “matter-of-fact” practice.


It’s been said that people have short memories. And that not remembering is a contributor to history repeating itself. That’s not always a bad thing, however. In this case, we’re talking about the practice of eating less meat, eating more fruits and vegetables and growing your own, and mitigating food waste.


If you thought “Meatless Mondays” and “locavorism” are new movements, here’s a little history to show you that this isn’t the first time around for this trend-turned-mega-movement. At one time it was a national movement!


One hundred years ago, in an effort to feed Europe’s war-ravaged hungry, American President Wilson and Herbert Hoover—at the time head of the U.S. Food Administration—enlisted citizens to eat less, grown their own food, eat more fish (because they feed themselves) and eat less meat.


The surplus was shipped to famine-stricken Europe to feed the hungry, as well as American soldiers on the front in World War I.


Click the photo (or here) for more on this revealing campaign in American history, an effort that got people thinking about what they eat, and where it comes from…one hundred years ago!


WWI Plant More Vegetables Campaign Poster


So…the question remains: Why haven’t we caught on?!


(Photo: Library of Congress Archives)

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