Not Composting!

Did you know that we fertilize our on-premise Chef’s Garden with compost from our compost hauler? It’s a full-circle kind of garden!


Chefs Garden CompostNow, we totally understand there are location and space limitations for many citizens, restaurants and caterers when it comes to not being able to compost. But where those are not roadblocks, why not compost? It’s easier than you think!


For home gardeners, there are a LOT of Internet resources to reference for tips on how to get started—we recommend using one that has a known positive reputation, like Organic Gardening, for instance. Southern Living offers additional tips, with a sense of humor. But do your own research and use whatever reputable resource you’re most comfortable with.


For restaurants, caterers and businesses that want to explore composting options, we recommend working with the experts—an organization like Elemental Impact, which specializes in “bringing sustainable operating practices to the corporate community.”

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