Chattahoochee Riverkeeper

Did you know that the Chattahoochee River provides approximately 70 percent of the water for Metro Atlanta? Of course we revere Chattahoochee Riverkeeper!


Chattahoochee Riverkeeper is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the Chattahoochee River, its lakes and tributaries for the people, fish and wildlife that depend upon them…and that’s a LOT of us!


Want to help out? There are many ways to help! To name a few, you can report a problem, conserve water, or volunteer!


In fact, the annual Chattahoochee Riverkeeper “Sweep the Hooch” event is coming up. On Saturday, April 11, 2015, you can be part of Atlanta’s largest annual river cleanup event! Last year’s event drew 600 volunteers who removed an impressive seven (7) tons of trash! Will you help this year?


Sweep The Hooch 2014 from One Entertainment Productions.

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