Byzantine Empire (for recycling)

Let’s hand it to the fathers and daughters of recycling! As far back as 400 B.C.—during the rein of the Byzantine Empire—there were tree huggers! Well, in this case, glass huggers. Yes, that’s right, even Plato got into recycling!


Plato wrote about the importance of recycling trying to promote those of his time to make the most of their waste products. While Plato’s view was from a philosophical stance, and it makes perfect sense, history has demonstrated that recycling peaks during times of distress. Disaster, war and famine can—and typically do—create the necessity to recycle. Today, we’re hopeful our descendants will regale stories of how 21st Century recycling efforts helped save the planet!


Read here for a little more on the history of recycling.


Since we started with recycling glass, let’s bring that to present day. Please allow us to introduce you to Atlanta-based recycled glass jewelry artist Kathleen Plate of Smart Glass Jewelry. Her work is spectacular. Enjoy!


Smart Glass Jewelry - necklace



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