Urban Coop Tour

The Wylde Center, which has a lovely founding story, is a community project with multiple programs centered on a passion for gardening, a love of Earth and fostering future environmental stewards.


Among the programs offered via the Wylde Center is an Urban Coop Tour, now in its 8th year.


Urban Coop Tour logo


This year’s tour will feature 14 coops across the city! Participants get to learn why people are getting so excited about backyard chickens (They really are!). Urban coops are a fast-growing trend in metro Atlanta neighborhoods, with families, community gardens and neighborhood co-ops all getting in on the action…and the fun!


On the tour, coop owners will introduce their coop residents, answer questions and discuss coop design. Many coops feature artwork, edible landscaping, or other livestock. This totally sounds like a wonderfully fun experience and a great educational opportunity to learn about how to raise chicken healthfully.

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