SweetWater Brewing Company

A leader in craft beer production throughout the Southeast, this very progressive-thinking brew house—SweetWater Brewing Company—has established various platforms for environmental fundraising and green initiatives.


“I have spent a lot of time on Atlanta’s waters since moving to Georgia in ’96 to start the brewery, and I’ve seen a lot of the issues firsthand,” said SweetWater Founder and Big Kahuna Freddy Bensch. “Keeping our water clean is a cause I think we can all believe in, and we’ll continue to do anything we can to help raise awareness and funding for the great folks who are out there every day protecting our water.” SweetWater Brewing is doing its part in “keepin’ it Green”.


SweetWater Brewing is also a special events venue, one of the super fun places we cater. And they host incredibly popular Tours & Tastings!


SweetWater Brewing Company

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