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Red Brick Brewing Co.

Red Brick Brewing Co. are our neighbors–they’re folks we respect and call “friends”. They provide a quality craft beer experience, both in the bottle and at their brewery. And they continue to grow their sustainability efforts, including just recently beginning the transition from glass to cans, which is the most commonly recycled beverage container. We like that!


RedBrick_GLAMOURAcross the street at Affairs to Remember Caterers, we’re using their brews for a few of our recipes—you can’t get more “local” than that!


Red Brick is Georgia’s oldest brewery, but they’re not resting on that laurel. They’re continually innovating their brews and their community. They take a handcrafted approach to the business creating an artisanal quality product—it must be the highest quality, given the crowds attending their Tours & Events.


They strive to be a community-oriented organization by doing things such as offering specialty brews and other services to their contemporaries—practicing “a rising tide lifts all boats” approach—as well as mentoring up-and-coming breweries, and partnering with local charities.


These are good people!


What’s your favorite Red Brick brew? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Archive Revealed

Emory Farmers Market

We’re pleased to reveal Emory Farmers Market, which has a mission quite similar to that of Legacy Green, our own sustainability program.


From the Emory Farmers Market website:


Emory Farmers Market features fresh, local produce, organic and sustainably produced meat, bread, cheese, honey and other artisan products. In addition to providing delicious, healthy, and convenient food choices to the Emory community, the market encourages us all to interact with Georgia farmers, expand our knowledge about healthy eating and sustainable production and establish a relationship with the people who grow our food—an essential component of a local, sustainable food system.”


Emory Farmers Market is open nearly year-round, Tuesdays at the Cox Hall Bridge, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (with the exception of summer break and school holidays). Please check their website for seasonal hours.







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