American Recycling Has Stalled

This in-depth Washington Post article goes into greater detail of our “Recycle. Upcycle. All I Want To Do Is Ride My Unicycle.” post.


DC Recycling, The Washington Post, photo: Ricky Carioti


(Photo: Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)


Tucked in the woods 30 miles north of Washington is a plant packed with energy-guzzling machines that can make even an environmentalist’s heart sing — giant conveyor belts, sorters and crushers saving a thousand tons of paper, plastic and other recyclables from reaching landfills each day.


The 24-hour operation is a sign that after three decades of trying, a culture of curbside recycling has become ingrained in cities and counties across the country. Happy Valley, however, it is not.


Once a profitable business for cities and private employers alike, recycling in recent years has become a money-sucking enterprise…” [read more]

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