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American Recycling Has Stalled

This in-depth Washington Post article goes into greater detail of our “Recycle. Upcycle. All I Want To Do Is Ride My Unicycle.” post.


DC Recycling, The Washington Post, photo: Ricky Carioti


(Photo: Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)


Tucked in the woods 30 miles north of Washington is a plant packed with energy-guzzling machines that can make even an environmentalist’s heart sing — giant conveyor belts, sorters and crushers saving a thousand tons of paper, plastic and other recyclables from reaching landfills each day.


The 24-hour operation is a sign that after three decades of trying, a culture of curbside recycling has become ingrained in cities and counties across the country. Happy Valley, however, it is not.


Once a profitable business for cities and private employers alike, recycling in recent years has become a money-sucking enterprise…” [read more]

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Archive Revealed

Chef Holly Chute

We “reveal” Chef Holly Chute for her relatively new role at Georgia Grown, a program of the Georgia Department of Agriculture that fosters among chefs and consumers, throughout the state, the understanding of the importance of buying local, of buying Georgia-grown produce, protein and products.


And we “revere” Chef Holly for her lifetime achievements, which we believe are merely a prologue of even more great things to come!


She was the Executive Chef at the Georgia Governor’s Mansion for six administrations. While at the Governor’s Mansion, Chef Holly was named a Georgia Grown Executive Chef in 2012, the program’s inaugural year (photo).


Georgia Grown Executive Chefs 2012


(Photo: Chef Holly Chute, Chef Michael Deihl, Chef Kevin Gillespie, Chef Hilary White, Governor Nathan Deal, Georgia First Lady Sandra Deal, Patrick Cuccaro | Photo credit: Travis S. Taylor)


Chef Holly holds a degree from the Culinary Institute of America and also is a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier International-Atlanta Chapter.


That’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what she has accomplished and who Chef Holly really is. If you’ve not met her, when you do you will adore her ever-present smile, warm up to her kind heart and admire her professional demeanor.


Chef Holly Chute is truly remarkable and we’re a fan!

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