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Event Consulting
Event Consulting Services

Event Design

  • Venue selection
  • Event communications coordination
  • Strategic concepting
  • Overall program logistics

Event Planning

  • Message integration
  • Food and beverage management
  • Decor
  • Entertainment
  • Audiovisual solutions
  • Transportation coordination
  • Contact capture
  • Registration

 Event Execution

  • Logistics and production management
  • Onsite administration and support
  • Facilitation of personalized, meaningful connections
  • Attendee engagement
  • Celebration of the attendees
  • Mobile app consulting
  • Social media integration
About Event Consulting

AFFAIRS to REMEMBER Event Consulting brings more than 40 years of event experience and expertise to your city. We can manage the life-cycle of event-making, including idea-to-proposal event concept, design, planning and execution of the event, and mapping creative strategies that maximize the branding of your event theme.

CASE STUDY: “Digital Transformation” Capstone Event


A repeat, the high-tech client hired AFFAIRS to REMEMBER Event Consulting to concept, design, and execute its annual end-of-conference capstone party for an international group of nearly 900 technology professionals.

Charged with theming the event to "Digital Transformation"—outdoors and indoors at House of Blues in Orlando, Florida—we created an event that evoked the digital world through interactive, digitized, high-energy entertainment…it was “electric”!

The menu—hors d'oeuvres, grab-and-go, attended stations, buffets, desserts, and more—focused on local foods and signature venue cuisine and beverages.

  • Consistently "on brand" and "on message" through visuals, appropriate branding, and digitized entertainment.
  • Planned a local, festive menu—often engaging the guests—offered throughout the five-hour event.
  • Coordinated complete beverage services.
  • Coordinated all logistics for the event, from arrival: registration, décor, entertainment/amusement, food, bars, and swag.


ABOUT "Digital Transformation" Capstone Event


We have been the event consultant for this multi-national high-tech organization for multiple years. When they first hosted their event in Atlanta, Georgia, they were so impressed with the results that they availed themselves of our AFFAIRS to REMEMBER Event Consulting services for this annual event when hosted in cities outside of Atlanta.

This particular event, for nearly 900 high-tech professionals, was themed to "Digital Transformation". The client wanted to host the event in Orlando, Florida, and have Atlanta-based AFFAIRS to REMEMBER Event Consulting coordinate all aspects of the event design, as well as manage all event logistics and overall production.


Although a repeat client, this particular event’s guest count was 200% higher than previous events for this client, which narrowed venue options.

We were tasked with transforming a music hall with more than six hundred pieces of folk art into a "progressive, electronic experience."

We were also asked to create evolving, interesting, and engaging entertainment, as well as a memorable food and beverage experience.


Using our nearly four decades of appropriate venue selection based on client desire and requirements, we identified House of Blues—not only perfect for the client's guest count, but also perfect for the progressive experience—ingress and egress worked seamlessly.

To create the five-hour flow "progressive, electronic experience", we incorporated high-energy music, video, a glow-in-the-dark stage, a giant Light Bright and other vintage games, jugglers, glow-in-the-dark stilt walkers, and a mix of DJ and instrumental music entertainment, to name a few highlights.


AFFAIRS to REMEMBER Event Consulting responded immediately to the client’s first inquiry; delivered a plan in a timely manner; and fully designed and executed the event, which delivered positive guest feedback.

The client’s request for a "digital transformation" themed event resulted in a progressive, electronic experience—a five-hour event—featuring high-tech, high-energy, and high engagement activities.

The client's nearly 900 guests were engaged throughout this high-energy, interactive, highly social event and beyond - through social media and branded swag for the guests to take home or back to the office.