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Congratulations, Patrick, on 30 years with AFFAIRS to REMEMBER!

Please join us in congratulating Patrick Cuccaro, Chief Financial Officer, on his 30th anniversary with AFFAIRS to REMEMBER, a distinguished and remarkable achievement!

Rich Wilner, General Manager, said, “AFFAIRS to REMEMBER was born of Ron and Scott and became the industry leader in terms of creativity, quality and assurance in the events world. The torch was passed to Patrick, who catapulted AFFAIRS to REMEMBER into the realm of even greater status with his ever-present guidance, and vision. Patrick has a keen sense to take what is probable and seek out and accomplish the greatness of what is possible. Those who have had the opportunity to work directly with him have benefited from his wisdom, passion for the art of event planning, and humor. I am personally one of those people and cannot express enough the gratitude I have for ALL that he has done for me and ALL that he does for AFFAIRS to REMEMBER and the hospitality industry at large.”

Patrick joined AFFAIRS in September 1989 and immediately began contributing to shaping the company for continued future success, successes even beyond what we’d yet to experience. And he has done just that.

Only one year later, in 1990, it was announced that Atlanta had won the bid for hosting the Centennial Olympic Games coming up in 1996. While the city launched into celebrations, Patrick got to work on launching the Off-Premises Caterers’ Coalition (OPCC), which was designed to bring the industry together for the Olympics, and it resulted in many success stories.

Prior to a career as an ad executive with the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Patrick founded and owned Showcase Theatre, and continues to be active in the theatre community. To say that Patrick has had an illustrious career, which he’s not quite done with, would be an understatement.

There are many more than what are listed here, but allow me to share some of Patrick’s career milestones:

1989 – Joins AFFAIRS to REMEMBER
1990 – Founds Off-Premises Caterers’ Coalition
1996 – Prior to and during the Olympics, AFFAIRS caters some of Atlanta’s largest events
2007 – AFFAIRS moves into a 23,000sf state-of-the-art facility after 23 years on Ponce
2008 – Launches ‘Legacy Giving
2009 – Launches ‘Legacy Green
2009 –Georgia Restaurant Association’s GRACE Award, ‘Distinguished Service Award
2011 – Elected Chair of the Georgia Restaurant Association
2012 – Took his ‘Catering Boot Camp’ program to an international stage at Catersource
2012 – Appointed to Yelp’s Small Business Advisory Council
2013 –  Lifelong playwright, featured at Piccolo Spoleto Festival
2014 – Assumes role of Managing Director
2014 – Launches “The Green Files”, a Legacy Green blog
2014 – Atlanta City Council Proclaims “Affairs to Remember Day”, 1M pounds diverted
2015 – Partnership with Fox Theatre to manage Private Events
2018 – Honored with Ovation Award
2018 – Reaches milestone or $3M given to nonprofits via ‘Legacy Giving’
2018 – Expands Legacy Giving to include for-profit organizations, donation to charities
2019 – Promoted to Chief Financial Officer of AFFAIRS to REMEMBER

Recently, Patrick was promoted to Chief Financial Officer, a role in which he’ll build a forward-looking approach for the company’s infrastructure investments and to position the company for continuing, fiscally sound growth.

Travis S. Taylor, Director of Communications, said, “As a person who reported to Patrick for many years, I’d like to say that Patrick was a leader and mentor. He opened doors and even created opportunities for me to grow as a Communications/Marketing professional. He taught me much and was humble enough to learn from me from time to time. Patrick and I have enjoyed a professional relationship that has fostered professional and personal growth. I am grateful for the time we’ve had together and look forward to seeing what Patrick accomplishes as our CFO.”

As stated in his latest promotion press release, Patrick considers his most lasting legacy (remembering that he’s not quite done) as “having had the honor and opportunity to mentor many successful industry professionals, some of who are today’s leaders.”

Again, please join us in congratulating Patrick on 30 years of hard work, smart work, dedication, growth, and commitment to AFFAIRS to REMEMBER.

Congratulations, Patrick!

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