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My Food Memory

Kerry Washburn

Cornbread Dressing

My favorite food memory is my mom teaching me, before she passed away, to make her cornbread dressing. She gave me a recipe with no measurements. Just a list of ingredients. It's a dish she made only twice a year, at Thanksgiving and Christmas. She always had to make two pans of it. One for the meal and one just so there would be leftovers for Dad. It still amazes me the fact that she did not measure anything.

She told me to start by making the cornbread from scratch, not from a box. At least two skillets worth. Boil and cut up your eggs. Use the food processor to chop up the onion and celery, so the kids wouldn't know it was in there--that was an important step. Then put it all in a large mixing bowl. Add salt pepper and sage to taste. Then pour your chicken broth in. You add enough for it to be easy to pour, almost soupy. This will also help it from drying out when you bake it. Mix it all together and pour into two baking pans. Cook on 350° until it is the center is done. It should be solid in the middle, but moist. It should also be golden brown.

I helped her cook it the last two Thanksgivings we spent together. She had cancer and it was important to her to pass down the recipe to me before she passed. Hopefully one day I will make it look as easy as she did.


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