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Elisa Cornish - Special Events Associate

Elisa Cornish

Special Events Associate

Elisa Cornish joined the AFFAIRS to REMEMBER family in September 2016. Today a Special Events Associate in our robust Sales Department, Elisa focuses on event sales, planning and logistics, as well as event production and execution. Prior to being promoted, Elisa served as our company's Director of First Impressions.

She has enjoyed a multi-faceted career that spans the fields of Broadcast Television News at KHOU-TV and WSVI-TV; Film and Video Post-Production at Warner Bros., as well as IBM; IBM Continuity Director for the live streaming webcast of the Tony Awards and Project Manager for IBM's development and maintenance of the NBA store e-commerce website.

In her free time, you'll find Elisa writing librettos for musical theatre and attending theatrical performances and contemporary jazz concerts. She's an active member of the Dramatists Guild of America and Working Title Playwrights.

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(404) 872-7859 ext. 53

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