Affairs to Remember | Team
2316 DeFoor Hills Road
NW Atlanta GA USA 30318-2206

PHONE: (404) 872-7859 FAX: (404) 876-6314
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  • Kristy Cook

    Kristy Cook, CMP

    Senior Catering Consultant

  • Nancy Lutz

    Nancy Lutz

    Director of Special Events

  • Chris McKinstry, Senior Catering Consultant

    Chris McKinstry

    Senior Catering Consultant

  • Saffold Smith, Catering Consultant

    Saffold Smith

    Catering Consultant

  • James Brewer

    James Brewer

    Catering Consultant

  • Cameron Pearce

    Cameron Pearce

    Catering Consultant

  • Jennifer Farmer, Director of Business Development

    Jennifer Farmer

    Assistant General Manager

  • Rich Wilner

    Rich Wilner

    General Manager

  • Cindy Huang, Special Events Consultant

    Cindy Huang

    Special Events Consultant

  • Nikki Griffin, Special Events Associate

    Nikki Griffin

    Special Events Associate

  • Jan Franklin

    Jan Franklin


  • Tisha Scoby

    Tisha Scoby

    Special Events Associate

  • Jacquetta Moss, Catering Sales Assistant

    Jacquetta Moss

    Catering Sales Assistant

  • Shelley Pedersen

    Shelley Pedersen

    Director of First Impressions

  • John McNeill, Director of Service

    Jon McNeill

    Director of Service

  • Travis S Taylor

    Travis S. Taylor

    Director of Communications

  • Dena Mercy, Warehouse Manager, Affairs to Remember Caterers

    Dena Mercy

    Warehouse Manager

  • Kerry Washburn, Building Operations Manager, Affairs to Remember

    Kerry Washburn

    Building Operations Manager

  • Beth Piazzi

    Beth Piazzi

    Executive Culinary Liaison

  • Ahmad Nourzad

    Ahmad Nourzad

    Executive Chef

  • Patrick Cuccaro

    Patrick Cuccaro

    Managing Director

  • Ron Lazarus

    Ron Lazarus


  • Scott Ardolino

    Scott Ardolino


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