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Beverage Services
Beverage Services' Services
  • Complete management of beverage services packages
  • Permitting
  • Bar design
  • Dedicated bar manager
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) technology
  • Bar staff training
  • Inventory and financial reporting
  • Wine, beer, and liquor offerings and pricing
  • Build-out
About Beverage Services

AFFAIRS to REMEMBER Beverage Services stands on a foundation of more than 40 years of bartending, catering, and hospitality services throughout Metro Atlanta. Today, AFFAIRS to REMEMBER has the expertise to operate a full-fledged beverage services operation for special event facilities, freeing the venue management of the time-consuming tasks of licensing, build-out, food safety compliance, and bar staffing. Additionally, AFFAIRS to REMEMBER boasts a significant number of ServSafe certifications among its employee base, including ServSafe Food Handler, ServSafe Allergens, and ServSafe Alcohol.

CASE STUDY: Conversion from BYOB to Beverage Services Packages


When a decision was made to move to a new location, a popular dual use art gallery/special events facility, opted to move away from a bring-your-own-alcohol format to a fully-managed beverage services program. AFFAIRS to REMEMBER Beverage Services provided a full beverage services program, obtained licensing, and retrofitted the event space bringing it into compliance with building code. The program decreases liability for the venue and gives greater consistency to the client and guest experience, as well as a new revenue stream.

  • Created a fully code- and law-compliant beverage services program
  • Successfully navigated the licensing process for the venue and its clients
  • Consistently elevates the client and guest experience

ABOUT the art gallery

In business in Atlanta for decades, the art gallery/special event facility is very excited about its new home, and invites planners to make it the venue for their upcoming events! The new building, nestled conveniently between Buckhead and Midtown, is the only contemporary Atlanta art gallery of its kind and a unique space for special events. The expansive, scalable gallery is perfect for weddings, corporate gatherings, galas, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, auctions, fashion shows, tradeshows, and holiday parties.


The gallery found itself in a situation that required relocation. Previously known for their modest rental fee and a bring-your-own alcohol option, converting repeat clients necessitated a value-add to the perceived overall increase in beverage costs.

The gallery did not have a liquor license—clients would obtain their own single-event liquor license through the City of Atlanta. The gallery would be forced to learn the complex process of obtaining a facility-based liquor license or find another solution. The venue lost potential corporate event clients who did not want or have the time to manage the beverage processes and moved on to another venue.

To obtain a liquor license, the facility had to be brought up to code. Being a raw space allowed for a quick build-out, but navigating the intricacies of liquor licensing and building code, while also building out the space as an art gallery, proved time-consuming.


AFFAIRS to REMEMBER Beverage Services researched, designed and executed the requirements of obtaining a facility-based liquor license, fervently and with great attention to detail.

We built-out the facility to meet liquor license code, including a built-in bar, a walk-in cooler, a kitchen, as well as comply with other code-required nuances invisible to the general public.

AFFAIRS provided a full-time bar manager to service all special events at the gallery, whether catered by AFFAIRS to REMEMBER or another approved caterer.


The art gallery and special events facility now has a new revenue stream through its beverage packages, with licensing secured and code requirements met prior to previously scheduled special events taking place.

Being fully licensed to offer beverage services, the gallery has significantly lessened liability for the facility, compared to its previous bring-your-own-alcohol format. The gallery now has a beverage services program with tiered pricing - including approachable pricing for non-profits - customized packages, and high-quality offerings for a wide range of clients, returning and new.

The dedicated bar manager, who is highly experienced in management, training, and alcohol-serving safety, is engaged in all aspects of beverage services at the gallery, offering a "no surprises" operation to the venue, and a team of trained bartenders.