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Successful fundraisers have fantastic entertainment talent. And they have brilliant planners (and professional caterers) working tireless hours behind the scenes, sometimes more than a year before the event date, and sometimes only a few weeks before! No matter the length of planning, a successful event takes great talent.

Have you ever experienced Mannheim Steamroller? If you were to tailor a fundraising event (or holiday party) to this show, coming to the Fox Theatre in December, you could hire Mannheim Steamroller-inspired talent (we can help with that) and for the décor you could go absolutely over-the-top festive with the lights (we can help with that, too)!

This band is incredibly talented and we’d be happy to help secure tickets for you and your private event guests as part of your party, whether a company holiday party in the Egyptian Ballroom or a gathering of close friends in Landmarks Lounge.

If you do indeed host your event in conjunction with Mannheim Steamroller’s Fox performance, may I offer a few ideas to consider for your menu:

  • Cinnamon Hot Chocolate – the best-selling non-food item on their website
  • German-style cuisine – They get their name from Mannheim, Germany, home of Mozart
  • Steak anything – evidently Mannheim Steamroller founder Chip Davis is a steak fan (We do an amazing “Peppered Beef Martini“!)
  • Pumpkin Pie – it’s the one dessert listed on their website (Our “Pumpkin Pie Mousse“, presented in demitasse cups, is a seasonal favorite!)

Fun Fact: Mannheim Steamroller is the #1 Christmas music artist of all time, selling more than 27 million albums! The second highest Christmas artist is Elvis Presley, who also performed live at the Fox Theatre!

Allow me, please, to leave you with a taste of this magnificent band through this video


Now, get your tickets to see them at the Fox Theatre!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor









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