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When we decided to create the AFFAIRS at the FOX Blog, to share with readers the many wondrous entertainment options at the Fox Theatre, we went to our trusted website/photography/graphic design partners at Hemispheres Unlimited.

As usual for a new project, we discussed internally what we wanted and then brought in Hemispheres for a concept meeting. They brilliantly and beautifully brought to fruition what we requested.

In the case of the AFFAIRS at the FOX Blog, we got something extra…our very own Egyptian cartouche!

As it turns out, Charles Mize, Creative Director at Hemispheres Unlimited, is an amateur folklorist, including Egyptology, and he surprised us with a cartouche in the blog design that translates, “Affairs to Remember Caterers”. We were super excited!

The hieroglyphs in the cartouche translate (almost) literally to say ‘Affairs to Remember Caterers’ phonetically the way they transliterate in ancient Greek.

We’re pulling back the curtain and introducing you to Charles with this brief Q&A.

Affairs: How long have you worked with Affairs to Remember?

Charles: We started working together about 2002, I believe. We created a new website for the company that integrated extensive video at a time when video wasn’t very common on the Internet, certainly not in the way we used it.

We chronicled the entire Affairs experience from first contact to final event, using video, text, music and photography. We used Macromedia Flash 3.0 and the first digital camera we ever owned. That might make me sound rather old, but I like to think it’s only because we were so far ahead of the times.

Affairs: When were you first interested in Egyptology? What was the catalyst for your interest?

Charles: I’ve been an amateur folklorist since I was about eleven years old, and that reaches into the worlds of literature, religion, mythology, art and language. All of those things have roots in ancient Egypt.

Hieroglyphic writing itself was considered sacred and quite magical, and that magic is still there today. It’s mind-boggling to consider how long the culture of ancient Egypt has lasted. Even the letterforms we write with today can be traced back to Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Charles Mize

Affairs: You’re an author. Tell us, please, about the books you’ve written.

Charles: I have two books published and available on Amazon: Sickle Claw and Ammonite Key. They’re fantasy novels set in a world where dinosaurs never died out.

I gathered as many ideas from the folklore and mythology that I’ve collected through my life, and wove them into a story about dinosaurs.

I have a third novel in that series in progress now, plus a number of other stories in the works, including stories about vampires, ancient Egypt, and even an epic adventure about Santa Claus.

Affairs: Photography, website development, graphic design—that’s a lot, but what else do you do?

It’s strange, but all of those things are merging into one for me. I am passionate about photography, not just still but video. Video editing is also a passion.

Beyond the camera, I do quite a lot of work in computer animation, creating the things that I can’t film. The two have become so important that I hardly think twice about combining them. Even the programming languages and techniques that we use in website development come into play with video editing, animation and other places. I write my novels with HTML and CSS, since that’s how e-books are formatted.

As far as what comes next, I really don’t know. All of these serve the purpose of creating moments and telling stories, so whatever new technology comes along to do that, I’m sure I’ll eagerly embrace it.

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