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Your promposal was epic! Now…you’ve arranged for a sweet ride, you’ve got a stunning corsage, you’re heading to the most talked about restaurant in town and then you’re off to prom…perhaps being held at the Fox Theatre and catered by Affairs to Remember?


Do you eat dessert at the restaurant or wait to see what kind of sweets will be served at prom? Unless you’re on the Prom Committee you might not know what’s going to be on the menu. But…

Typically there’s a little something savory and pretty much always there’s a rock star dessert buffet, and of course the (almost) always preeminent prom staple—the chocolate fountain!

If you’ve been planning your school’s prom for years, you know what’s been a hit and should probably keep some of those “traditional” items on your menu, however, do try to mix it up a little year after year.

Instead of having these young adults telling their younger siblings or friends, “That’s exactly what we had five years ago!“—read: not terribly innovative—add a few items to the dessert menu that you’ve never included before, so that those prom-goers will have a unique Fox Food Story to tell.

Some of the favorites that our prom clients have raved about include our Banana Pudding Shots, Cake & Frosting Pops, our Deconstructed “Twix” Bar Shots, and our Build-Your-Own Cupcake Bar is always a great hit!

If you’d like to give a nod to the Fox Theatre being located at the epicenter of the New South (which we’ve ‘scientifically’ verified–*wink-wink*), how about adding some Southern-inspired treats, such as our Mini Pecan Pies on a Stick, Peanut Butter Pie Shots, and our Mississippi Delta Fudge Pie?

Banana Pudding Shots

Our culinary team innovates new dishes throughout the year, so when you connect with your Affairs to Remember catering consultant, be sure to ask “What’s new?

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor



Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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