Making a Grand Entrance

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For hosts of fundraising events, it is imperative that you make a strong, positive, memory-making first impression. But that’s a given.

Of course you as the host will make a grand entrance at some point during your event, but consider that your guests should be the first to experience a GRAND ENTRANCE! Make them feel special from the moment they arrive.

There is only one place in Atlanta that can offer a grand entrance of the scope and scale that is the Arcade entrance at the Fox Theatre. And that it’s at the epicenter of the New South is an extra bit of “cool factor”.

We’ve seen this magnificent space used as a grand entrance in a number of successful ways. Some clients have used celebrity look-alikes to greet and welcome guests—oftentimes reappearing for a special performance. Coupling a group of costumed paparazzi with the “stars” makes a celebrity welcome even more exciting!

Lee J. Howard Entertainment, one of our trusted partners of many years, is brilliant for finding this kind of entertainment, as well as entertainment for your main event.

That’s just the Arcade…the grand entrance your guests experience can carry through to the Grand Staircase leading up to the Fox Theatre ballrooms, and you can even use the doorways into the Grand Salon and Egyptian Ballroom for an added grand entrance experience!

The possibilities for a grand entrance are practically endless…just imagine!

If your fundraising event is an annual affair, be sure to read this post’s feature story authored by guest blogger Patrick Williams of PWP Studio, particularly for tips on how to use photography—created by a competent professional—for building sponsor and donor relationships and creating buzz for your upcoming AND next year’s event.

Even before your guests take their first step onto the Arcade, they can see your welcome message on the Fox Theatre marquee and know going in that they’re in for a truly special treat.

The marquee is another story, for another time…one that I think you’ll wholly enjoy.

Fox Theatre marquee

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