A Southern Movie Birthday

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Geographic location has long influenced birthday traditions. The greatest variances are at the continent, country and culture levels, but for this post let’s focus on a “Southern” birthday celebration at the Fox Theatre!

Let’s look at a few movies set in the South for menu inspiration that also in some way tie to the Fox Theatre. First—just for clarification—the Fox Theatre is precisely at the epicenter of the New South—it’s true. Just ask any of the bazillion Fox fans!—thus my focus on movies in the South.


Walk the Line“, a film chronicling the life of the Country Music legend Johnny Cash, was set in the South. If you’re a fan of Johnny Cash—who performed at the Fox Theatre in 1977 and throughout the South—take your pick of Southern cuisines for your birthday celebration…and put on a Johnny Cash record! Or a Johnny Cash playlist, depending on which birthday you’re celebrating.

Fried Green Tomatoes“, screened at the Fox Theatre in 1992, the year it debuted, is set in Alabama. You can build a menu based on Alabama favorites or talk with us about the wide range of dishes we make using our house-made Fried Green Tomatoes, including a classic Fried Green Tomatoes platter.

Another popular friend green tomato dish is our “PLT“. It starts with a fried green tomato and is then topped with our (AMAZING!) house-made pimento cheese, arugula tossed in red wine vinaigrette, a portion of roasted red pepper and capped with another fried green tomato! This dish satisfies Southern cravings on so many levels.

Driving Miss Daisy“, shown at the Fox Theatre in 1990 and 1999, is set in Atlanta. There are two amazing entrees you can pull from one memorable scene: pork chops (although we recommend the not-stiff kind) and salmon (we highly recommend fresh, not canned). If you’re hosting a party with a buffet, our Herbed Salmon on Tuscan Bean Salad is consistently a client favorite.

There you go…a few Southern movie menu inspirations for your Southern movie birthday party at the Fox Theatre!


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