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We’ve heard it again and again. When someone has tickets to a show, concert or event at the Fox Theatre and they’re asked, “What are you doing tonight?”, they most often answer, “Going to the Fox!”, followed by the name of the event and which event space they’re visiting, whether the Egyptian Ballroom, Grand Salon or any of the other spellbinding event room and areas!

No matter the occasion, the person asking the question knows immediately upon hearing “…the Fox!” that you’re doing something fun, special or important.

On another note—and I’ll connect the dots momentarily—people sometimes ask us, “How do you give back to the local economy?

We’re proud to say that, in addition to being Atlanta’s Greenest Caterer—through  our Legacy Green program…giving back/taking care of the (local) environment—we also donate a generous amount to local non-profit organizations—in the form of catering and event design—through our Legacy Giving program, the second prong of our Legacy program. In fact, less than three years ago we had met the $2,000,000 donated milestone!

Connecting the dots…

Through Legacy Giving, we offer our non-profit clients the opportunity to host a luxury fundraising event without the luxury price tag…and we love doing that at the Fox Theatre.

Hosting a fundraising event at the Fox Theatre adds a prestige—given the Fox Theatre’s fandom—that supporters and sponsors will recognize immediately, just because it’s at the Fox, known by many for it’s spectacular architecture and world-famous shows, concertsk, movie series and other events.

Not everyone who loves the Fox has been in her special event spaces, so how do you answer, “What is the Egyptian Ballroom?” when one of your potential supporters or sponsors asks? There’s a LOT to say about the Egyptian Ballroom, a space available to the public since 1939, only 10 years after the Fox was built. One tidbit you can share is that the Egyptian Ballroom’s (1929) inspiration came on the heels of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb (1922). How’s that for in-the-know coolness?

Whatever your plan is for your next fundraising event, if you’re considering the Fox Theatre, connect with us and we’ll help you create a Fox Theatre story that your guests will regale for years!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor










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