Raise the Roof to Raise Funds

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If you’re hosting a fundraiser in the Fox Theatre‘s Egyptian Ballroom, how do you keep your guests from gazing at the beautifully elaborate ceiling instead of at the important-to-your-success bid sheets?

You don’t.

Encourage them instead to take in the grandeur of their surroundings…that way they’ll know for sure that they’re in a special place supporting a special cause.

Here are a few factoids about the Egyptian Ballroom that you can share with your guests:

  • The perimeter of the ceiling is 25′ high.
  • The clerestory is 30′ high.
  • The “stars” in the ceiling are “reflected” in the “Nile River” carpet below.
  • The cartouches on the ceiling contain genuine hieroglyphs, but not in a readable order.
  • The Fox Theatre opened in 1929, but it wasn’t until 1939 that the banquet hall was renamed the “Egyptian Ballroom” and made available for public and private events.

You can learn more about the Egyptian Ballroom–and all of the Fox Theatre–on one of their guided tours! In the meantime, encourage your fundraiser guests to enjoy the grandeur of the Egyptian Ballroom…and bid, bid, bid!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor


Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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