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It may be the tourist in me, but I think one of the best ways to get inspiration for a party theme is to go on a tour of the venue you’ve selected to host your special occasion.

While “A Night on the Nile” and “Moroccan Treasures” are great themes, there are a LOT more ideas you can garner from exploring the Fox Theatre with a tour guide.

Since we’re talking about planning proms during this series of posts, let’s look at touring the Fox through the lens of planning a unique prom inspired by the various spaces that one might visit on a tour.

Retro Arcade Prom (inspired by the Arcade)

How much fun would it be to have a prom that features operating retro arcade games; a photo booth themed to retro arcade games with super fun arcade props; a menu designed after retro arcade games…it’s a party in the arcade!

So, where did that idea come from? The main entrance to the Fox Theatre is the Arcade. When the Fox was built in 1929, the main entrance was to be on Ponce de Leon Ave. and the present day main entrance was to be an arcade of shops and restaurants.

Great Gatsby Prom (inspired by the Lobby)

“Glitz & Glam,” a phrase my dear friend and colleague Nancy likes to use is perfect for a prom that’s all about the good life! When you’re at the age to attend prom, that’s the time of your life that you’re hopefully already exploring how you might get to the “good life”. If you’ve seen The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, you’ve seen a taste of the “good life”. A prom at the Fox Theatre is a taste of that life, especially if you dress the part!

1920s Prom (inspired by the Fox’s opening decade)

When the Fox Theatre was being built, we were still in the “Roaring ’20s”, a time of parties, celebration and jubilee…and the music was quite awesome, too! I’ve seen parties that start strong with a selected theme, then purposefully transition to contemporary music and dancing. You can have your theme and eat it, too!

The Hollywood Prom (inspired by the Auditorium)

With a history of being a grand movie house of yesteryear—and today with its annual Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival—a Hollywood theme would be more than appropriate! And I visualize a Hollywood “There and Here” theme…the glitz and glam of 1940s Hollywood compared to today’s action and fandom of movies being filmed in Georgia, including many movies and television series made right here in Atlanta!

Party Like a Pharaoh Prom (inspired by the Egyptian Ballroom)

I’d be remiss to not offer at least one idea themed after the Egyptian Ballroom. There are many, many décor options that range from complementing to enhancing the Egyptian Ballroom. Consider tents, large scale plants, dramatic lighting and a customized “Egyptian” cartouche gobo that spells out in hieroglyphs your school’s name projected on the walls of the ballroom! The possibilities are endless!

The Art of Prom (inspired by the Grand Salon’s Stained Glass)

The stained glass ceiling in the Grand Salon can serve as a catalyst for a prom theme and then serve as a centerpiece! The glass is colorful and bright and absolutely stunning! Imagine an evening of sparkling colors, from the dresses to the desserts!

A Prom With a View (inspired by the Terrace)

Springtime begs for time outdoors enjoying pleasant weather and stunning vistas. If your prom uses the Grand Salon you automatically get to use the Terrace, which is beautiful and has some wonderful views, all the while being private and intimate. I hope you’re lucky and get to enjoy one of Atlanta’s spectacular sunsets from the Terrace.

If you’re not sure about what theme you want to have for your Fox Theatre prom, a tour of the Fox Theatre itself will reveal a multitude of ideas and possibilities…at least as many as there are Egyptian stars reflected on the ballroom floor.

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor



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