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We can’t all be the life of the party, but we can certainly be wonderful conversationalists, especially if we know genuinely interesting facts, factoids or tidbits even, about a nationally acclaimed landmark right in our own back yard.

I’m going to share only a few tidbits about the Fox Theatre—no one likes a know-it-all—some of which you may know and others that are not so well known. All of them fascinate me and I think will fascinate you and your friends, too!

Fox Theatre Building

  • It took only 18 months to build the Fox Theatre!
  • In 1932, the Fox Theatre was auctioned off to the Theatre Holdings Company for a mere $75,000.


  • The official Grand Opening performance began at 1:15 p.m. on Christmas Day in 1929.
  • A 30-piece Fox Grand Orchestra performed that day.
  • The pre-movie cartoon—a tradition that continues today—was Walt Disney‘s third cartoon, but his first cartoon with synchronized sound: “Steamboat Willie“.
  • The movie that played that day was “Salute“, a 1929 Fox Film Corporation production.

Spanish Room

  • In 1939, the Shriners turned over their offices to the newest owners, but continued to hold meetings in the basement and the Spanish Room—adjacent to the main lobby—for a number of years.

Egyptian Ballroom

  • In 1939, what had been the Shriner banquet hall was renamed the “Egyptian Ballroom” and became available for public functions, dances and social affairs.

There you go…a few tidbits about the Fox Theatre that you can use to get a conversation started and to impress your friends at your next party. I’ll share more tidbits here and there, and of course you can always go on a guided tour of the Fox!

When you’re ready to host your special event at the Fox Theatre, please, give us a call!

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