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The domes atop the Fox Theatre are perhaps better known than the gold dome of our city’s Capitol Building! In fact, the Capitol’s dome wasn’t gold, but instead just plain white, until seventy years after it opened in 1889. The Fox Theatre’s beautifully colored domes have bending necks since the doors opened on Christmas Day in 1929, well before the Gold Dome appeared on our skyline in 1959!

Don’t get me wrong. I love Atlanta’s iconic Gold Dome and I love the Fox Theatre’s just as iconic domes, too. What I’m actually here to talk about is food toppings. Yes, food toppings…some absolutely incredible toppings that are every bit as delicious to taste buds as the striking domes atop the Fox are spectacular to the eyes. But first, please allow me to share a tiny bit more about the Fox’s domes.

Did you know that the three primary domes on the Ponce de Leon Avenue side of the Fox adorn the top of what was to be the “front door” of the Fox?

The original illustrations of the Mosque of Yaarab Temple—the original intent for the building, before being sold to movie mogul William Fox prior to completion—also shows two domes overlooking Peachtree Street, where theatre-goers enter the Fox through the Arcade entrance. The final construction included instead, two gorgeous turrets, nestled behind the iconic Fox Theatre marquee!

Okay, that’s enough of a history lesson for today. What about food served in the Fabulous Fox Theatre’s ballrooms? And the toppings? What dish is among the most popular in thousands of event guests’ Fox Food Story? I can say it with five famous words: Miss Josephine‘s Mac and Cheese!

The Mac and Cheese alone is delicious, but when you adorn it with crispy fried chicken bites and herbed green beans (I’ve also seen it with lobster bites and even gator bites!), it takes party guests’ senses to a whole other level.

But that’s not all. There’s more. Oh my goodness is there more!

Imagine the building blocks of…warm crumbled bacon, ‘French-fried’ onion rings, sliced scallions, diced tomatoes and our house-made hot sauce! Our hot sauce is so amazing, I intentionally add hot sauce-deserving dishes to my plate just to get to enjoy it, again and again!

You’ve just constructed one of our most-loved, most talked about party favorites! We won’t claim that it’s as iconic as the stunning domes atop the Fox Theatre, but your taste buds might think it deserving of being placed at the top of your favorite dishes list!

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