Real World Questions to Ask Your Caterer

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Hiring a caterer is serious business. Think about it. The number of moving parts is almost unfathomable…except, of course, by an experienced events professional. That’s where we come in.

With nearly 40 years of experience and expertise in designing and catering events, we are more than experts; we feel we are also thought leaders in the event design and catering worlds. And that’s why we’re not afraid to answer the hard questions. We welcome the hard questions.

Here are some to consider. Are you asking them of your caterer?

  • Do you offer free, personalized tastings? 

Our goal is to make our clients happy! Nobody likes to be treated to a cattle call. We are willing to do any number of tastings – all of them free. We like to start with a selection of our chef’s current favorites – a sampling presented in a private setting with just you and a highly experienced consultant. That individual attention allows us to get a good sense of your likes and dislikes and your vision for your special event. Then once we know we want to work together, we’re happy to do a personalized tasting based on your specially tailored menu.

  • How much insurance do you have?

Some caterers carry low limits of liability insurance. It’s important that you make sure this isn’t the case. The chances of something going wrong with your event are very small, but that’s why insurance exists – just in case – and you want your suppliers to carry adequate insurance – especially your caterer because the liability issues for caterers can be significant. We carry $2,000,000, and then on top of that we have an umbrella policy of $7,000,000 that provides you with an extra layer of confidence.

  • Can you provide allergen-free and dietary restriction meals?

Since our founding nearly 40 years ago, we have been sensitive to dietary restrictions, biological and cultural. Not only have we developed a full line of delicious allergen-free meals—several of them are even Top 8 allergen-free, gluten-free, and vegan–we also pack a special box on all of our served dinners for special requests. One of our chefs was selected as the Honorary Chair for the FARE Walk (formerly FAAN) because of our progressive work in this area. We also train our service staff on all items that contain nuts on buffets we set.

  • How many of your staff are professionally trained in food safety practices?

Listen carefully for others’ answer. If they can’t immediately tell you that at least one of their people is ServSafe certified, then they might be in violation of State regulations. The State of Georgia health authorities require at least one person to have this certification. Many organizations have one or two. We have approximately 15 at any given time. Also, along the lines of food safety, we own refrigerated vehicles so that we can transport your food to your event venue safely.

  • Do you have standards regarding fire protection at buffets?

This is a very important question to ask because nothing is more distressing than having a small manageable fire with no reasonable way to put it out. Our policy is to have a fire extinguisher under each and every table where cooking or heating flames are present, as well as an easily accessible one in the kitchen.

  • What programs do you have to support local farmers?

Our chefs have wonderful relationships with local farms, such at White Oak Pastures, and The Turnip Truck – a local produce and dairy distributor of products from local farms. We are also a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) pick-up point for the Farmers Fresh Food Network. Our farmer relationships include farms that grow produce and protein.

May we recommend that you keep this list for when you’re hiring a caterer, whether you’re talking with us about a special occasion at the Fox Theatre or wherever your event planning takes you…but we hope you’ll consider the Fox Theatre.

Wishing you happy and safe event planning!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor




Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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