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We’re excited to have Lisanne McDearman, Owner of Watermark Weddings, as a guest blogger! Did you know that December is when the greatest number of wedding engagements happen? If you are newly engaged and have been wondering what a professional wedding planner does, Lisanne is one of the best and a longtime trusted partner to Affairs to Remember, so we asked her to share this with you.


What Exactly Does a Wedding Planner Do?

Most wedding planners offer planning, designing and coordinating services and function as a project manager throughout a bride’s engagement. During the planning phase, the wedding coordinator will help a bride with vendor recommendations such as: venue, caterer, florist, band, photographer, hotel accommodations, wedding day transportation, etc. They will also assist with vendor contract negotiations and making sure you are staying on task with all of the other elements that go into putting together a wedding such as: save the dates, invitations, wedding attire, gift registry, ceremony details, reception details, guest welcome packages, reception floor plan, etc. A wedding planner will also help a bride to design the look she wants for her wedding. They will work with the florist, lighting company, linen provider, rental company, etc. to help design a cohesive look that is in line with the bride’s vision for her wedding. Lastly, a wedding planner will coordinate with all of the vendors in the weeks leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day itself. They will be the point of contact and director for all of the vendors, as well as family members, wedding party members, guests, etc. on the wedding day.

The wedding details are like a giant puzzle. A wedding planner gathers together all of those puzzle pieces from the bride and all of the wedding vendors. Gathering the puzzle pieces is a time consuming and tedious process and needs to be handled very meticulously. Once all of the information (the puzzle pieces) is collected, the wedding planner will then put the puzzle together and send out a clear picture to everyone of what the wedding day will look like. They then will field questions from all of the vendors and make sure everyone is on the same page with the most current information. A change with one vendor many times means a change that affects other vendors, so information is updated and disseminated as needed. A wedding planner will also let the bride know about the final vendor payments that are due on the wedding day (or shortly before) and will generally put together a wedding party/family wedding day schedule so that everyone is clear on where they need to be and when on the wedding day.

On the wedding day, a wedding planner is with the bride every step of the way to ensure that the ceremony and the reception are executed according to the plan. They function as the keepers of the clock: checking in with vendors to oversee their set-up, troubleshooting any issues that may arise, helping the wedding party get to where they need to be on time and leading you through the wedding day. All of this is done so that the bride, her family and wedding party members can enjoy the moment knowing that their wedding planner has everything under control.

About Watermark Weddings

Watermark Weddings is an Atlanta-based wedding consulting company, founded in 1995, that offers a diverse selection of wedding services as well as a vast selection of invitations and accessories. Our full-time staff of wedding consultants can help you to plan and coordinate your perfect wedding ceremony and reception. From the cafe-lined streets of Paris to the oak-shaded roads of Atlanta, we have the creativity and resources to design a flawless wedding for you.

Lisanne McDearman

Lisanne McDearman


Watermark Weddings

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