AFFAIRS at the FOX 2016, A Photo Review

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What a magnificent year!

We’d like to take you on a brief tour…a photo tour of AFFAIRS at the FOX events at the Fox Theatre during 2016.

The above photo is a wedding that we catered with Jim White Designs doing the fabulous decor. This wedding was the foundation for our new Fox Weddings Video!

Grand Salon Set for a Major Announcement

Grand Salon | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We were there when the Fox Theatre recently made a major announcement. Nancy Lutz, Director of Special Events, AFFAIRS at the FOX, designed the ballroom after a photo of the Grand Salon from circa 1929-30s. Stunning, isn’t it?

Fox-exclusive food

Fox-exclusive Falafel Fritters | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We’ve continued to build the Fox Food Story with new, innovative food and drinks inspired by the Fox Theatre, pulling from its architecture, its location at the epicenter of the New South and the wonderful shows and events on the Fox Theatre stage.

The dish pictured above is one of our Fox-exclusive hors d’oeuvres, our Falafel Fritters offered on radish raita and topped with micro greens. They’ve become a client favorite!

Served Dinner in the Egyptian Ballroom

Served Dinner in the Egyptian Ballroom | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We continue to design and cater truly special events including weddings, social occasions, fundraisers and corporate events. The magnificent event pictured above was in the Egyptian Ballroom.

Prom at the Fox Theatre

Prom in the Egyptian Ballroom | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We’ve long enjoyed creating first-time Fox Theatre experiences for a wide range of clients, oftentimes that first experience being the person’s prom. The circular object nestled between some of the majestic columns in the Egyptian Ballroom was the photo booth for this springtime prom!

Buffet in the Egyptian Ballroom

Buffet in the Egyptian Ballroom | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

This year we launched the AFFAIRS at the FOX Blog! Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for a chance to win some delicious prizes in an upcoming subscription campaign! Be sure to tell all your friends!

The blog focuses on party planning topics—but also enjoyable for any Fox fan—and are scheduled in alignment with industry purchasing habits. That’s why you might see a post about proms in December or post about weddings in January. The sidebar of the blog features snippets or short stories usually tied to the main topic, and are aligned to the three aspects of the Fox Food Story…the theatre’s architecture, its geographic location at the epicenter of the New South, and the magnificent shows on the main stage!

Corporate Event at the Fox Theatre

Buffet in the Egyptian Ballroom | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

Private events at the Fox Theatre range from weddings and wedding receptions to corporate parties, from fundraisers and proms; from non-profit events to holiday parties, from employee appreciation parties to client entertainment events…the possibilities are truly endless! They also range from 30-person parties in Landmarks Lounge to thousands of guest enjoying a full buyout of the entire theatre!

On the Terrace at the Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre’s Terrace | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We’ve seen brilliant uses of the Terrace, which is included with rental of the Grand Salon. There’s an awning on one end of the Terrace providing for the addition of an extra bar, often used for cocktail hour at wedding receptions or large corporate events. We’ve seen it tented in the winter and we’ve seen it crisscrossed with bistro lights on delightful summer nights.

Fox Theatre's Spanish Room

Fox Theatre’s Spanish Room | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We’ve seen more frequent and varied uses of the Spanish Room for corporate events, which most theatre-goers usually experience as an area to relax and get concessions during the intermission of a show. For larger parties, we’ve even put a live band in the Spanish Room, with room to dance and have food stations!

Did you know that the Spanish Room was originally used as private music rehearsal rooms for the Shriners. And they held meetings in the Spanish Room until 1949 when they moved to their Ponce de Leon Avenue location, where they continue to reside today.

Holiday Party at the Fox Theatre

Holiday Party at the Fox Theatre | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

And we are very honored continue to the the exclusive caterer at the Fox Theatre in December, giving us the prestigious opportunity to create holiday magic for thousands, every year!

There you go…a very brief recap of a few of our 2016 AFFAIRS at the FOX events. Thank you to our clients, to our trusted partners, and to the Fox Theatre for bringing AFFAIRS at the FOX to life and fostering its growth. We look forward to creating even more fabulous parties for you in 2017!

Happy holidays and may you each have a wondrous New Year!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor


Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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