The Foundation for a Successful Fundraiser

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There is a recipe for a successful fundraiser. But unlike grandmother’s “never measures” cooking style, when “cooking up” the perfect fundraiser, especially when one is new to the Hospitality industry, there’s a lot that has to be examined and even scrutinized.

The good news about that, however, is that it’s usually great fun in the end…you’ve create an awesome event and raised more than you ever expected for the great cause you’ve been working for so diligently.

Through our more than 39 years of experience, we’ve noticed that traditionally fundraisers take place in early fall and early spring, but you’ll find them peppered throughout the calendar. The date you select should follow your particular target audience’s calendar and likely availability. Timing is everything in this case!

Once you’ve determined when your target audience should be available, the task at hand is how to entice them to purchase tickets to YOUR event.

I’d like to speak to the Fox Theatre itself being a sound foundation for a successful fundraiser.

The Fox Theatre is the foundation for countless memories and experiences enjoyed by Atlantans, as well as many from around the world, whether it be a family’s tradition of seeing Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker during the winter; a group of cinema loving friends who attend the Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival every summer; or music loving couples who attend every Fox Theatre concert throughout the year.

My point is that many love the Fox Theatre, and many more are anxious for their first Fox Theatre experience.

If you plan properly—and work with an awesome team—you just may have the opportunity to showcase the Fabulous Fox Theatre in a way that makes the experience of your fundraising event the cornerstone on which Fox newcomers will build a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Speaking of an “awesome team”, AFFAIRS at the FOX offers a one-stop shopping opportunity. We partner with some of the finest photographers, entertainment experts, artisan bakers, AV super gurus, event designers, décor aficionados…the list goes on and on. We’ve been working with everyone on that list for a number of years and we call them “trusted partners” for a very good reason. They’re the best at what they do and we trust them to help make your events the success you want.

You don’t have to take our word for how wonderful our partners are. Many of them have client testimonials on their websites and review sites. Take for example CCP Events, Inc.‘s testimonials and Picture This! Photography‘s reviews (they beautifully photograph fundraisers, too!), for instance. A solid team is, again, a must-have foundation for a successful event.

Speaking of photography, if you’re hosting an annual fundraiser, look ahead to when you will be marketing next year’s event…be sure you hire a professional photographer to capture your awesome event! Again, you’re building a solid foundation, here.

Share them immediately so those who attended can relive the event, then throw in some #ThrowbackThursday’s on social media, and make sure you know where you filed them for when it’s time to promote next year’s event…perhaps again at the Fox Theatre!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor


Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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