It’s YOUR Birthday!

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What do you want for your birthday?

When I was a kid, on our birthday we got to eat wherever and whatever we wanted and always got to choose the flavor birthday cake we wanted, which we’d enjoy after returning home from the restaurant.

I always asked for chocolate cake—still one of my favorites today, but, as an adult that’s something I usually indulge in when dining out. At home, I’m quite the creative baker. Not Sweeney Todd creative, but I’m not at all afraid of flavor!

I always looked forward to my birthday and would “plan” for weeks, sometimes months, what I wanted to eat on my birthday.

I would LOVE to have a birthday party at the Fox Theatre! It wouldn’t even have to be a milestone birthday…just having the party at the Fox would totally make it a milestone occasion!

One of the beautiful things about hosting a party at the Fox Theatre today–through the relatively new partnership between the Fox Theatre and Affairs to Remember–is that clients experience an elevated service level with our one-stop-shopping option!

That’s to say that you can come directly to the Fox Theatre Private Events team and they can handle everything from event space recommendations to contracting an event designer, DJ, entertainment, photographer, cake artisan and everything else! We have an awesome group of trusted partners.

If you want a more intimate birthday party, perhaps in conjunction with a favorite show or event on the Fox stage, Landmarks Lounge would be perfect! It accommodates up to 30 guests, and is perfectly comfortable for 15 or 20.

If you want to invite every single “friend” you have on Facebook, the Grand Salon and Terrace are a wonderful option. And if you want to go totally over-the-top, best-party-ever, you can expand into the Egyptian Ballroom, too! The sky is the limit, or in this case the 30′ high clerestory is the limit!

The brilliant thing about having a party catered is that you get to eat what you want and have a food expert–one of our highly experienced consultants–help you select your menu.

While, for me, the dinner menu—which must have “Miss Josephine’s Mac & Cheese“—is wholly important, I’m totally a sweets person. Not only would I have a specialty cake created by Frosted Pumpkin or Classic Cheesecakes & Cakes, I’d have a whole dessert buffet!

My specialty cake would, of course, be Star Trek themed—my friends would expect nothing less from me. And I’ve seen some amazing Star Trek cakes, and practically every other genre, that our baker partners have created! For the dessert buffet, I’d offer my guests some of my favorites from Affairs to Remember:

  • Miniature Chianti Cupcakes
  • Simply Chocolate Squares
  • Mini Chocolate Basil Cakes
  • Banana Pudding Shots
  • Orange-Saffron Macaroons

I’ve actually hosted an all-desserts party before—more than once—with an awesome cheese display on the side for those who don’t care for sweets or want something a little savory, too.

The possibilities are endless. I invite you to do something wholly unique and magical for YOUR birthday…

Host your birthday party at the Fox Theatre!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor




Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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