A Mom Says “Do These”, Then Dance Like an Egyptian

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We have a special guest blogger for you today. Jennifer Farmer, Assistant General Manager here at Affairs to Remember Caterers, but…she’s writing today as a mom…a mom who has planned hundreds of proms! The prom planning tips she shares here are applicable to many kinds of parties, so read on and then get to planning! – Travis

Let’s hear from all the moms and dads out there! School is back in session and aren’t we all secretly celebrating…just a little bit?!

With the new school year comes new teachers and school friends, and if you’re old enough to attend it…PROM. I’m a mom to three young children, so prom is in the distant future. But when the time comes for them, I have years of experience planning proms and I look forward to being involved in the process.

During my tenure at the Fox Theatre, my teammates and I planned hundreds of proms (call us!)  in the beautiful Egyptian Ballroom and Grand Salon and Terrace. A prom held in this historic landmark is truly magical with the starry theatre sky, glowing marquee and red carpet entrance.

No matter the location, the key to organizing a successful prom; begins with careful planning. It sounds elementary to have this checklist, but if you don’t allow enough attention to each of these areas; it can be the difference between a disaster and an epic celebration.

Here’s my “Top 5 Do-First” prom planning checklist:

  • Location, location, location. This is a popular phrase for real estate agents, but possibly, the most important element of planning prom is determining the location of town you desire to be in and then finding and securing the venue. The location should be unforgettable so that the memories can be shared with the grandkids. Capacity, logistics, and venue cost will all play an important part in this decision.
  • Save the date! When picking the date, remember to consult with neighboring schools and other city happenings. You don’t want to limit your venue choices because another school has selected the same night. City happenings will also affect availability and impact traffic.
  • Organize a planning committee. A fun part of planning is making it a team effort. Think about all the different help you’ll need and form student committees like décor, catering, entertainment, invitations, fundraising, etc.
  • Establish a budget. Your school advisor should be able to help with this and guide you with past practices. Our sales consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience with budgets, so we can be a resource as well with the ultimate goal of creating an “affair to remember” for everyone.
  • Pick a theme. ‘An Evening Under the Stars’ or ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’? Once the planning committee narrows the ideas down to a select few, let students vote on the prom theme so everyone feels included. The fun part of having a theme is that it will influence décor and colors, invitations, dress and party favors.

Sound like too much work? Leave the planning to us and experience our “one stop” services for all special event needs–including catering, design, audio visual, entertainment and more.

Jennifer Farmer


Assistant General Manager
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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