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Ever dreamed of being on the stage of the Fox Theatre? You can be!

If your dream is to perform a role in a touring Broadway play or musical, that route to the stage is out of our hands, so sorry…but tell us when you make it and we’ll bring friends! However, as the host of a special event at the Fox, you can invite your guests to dine onstage, whether a cocktail reception before proceeding to the ballrooms for dinner, dancing and dessert, or a served dinner on the main stage!

I remember one onstage dinner in particular, when Phantom of the Opera was in town. During an onstage served dinner, the lead actor and actress—in costume—performed numbers from the play, from the balcony! There were a lot of surprised and impressed diners that evening.

And not too long ago, the Fox Theatre itself hosted an event to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the “Save the Fox” campaign, which began with live music, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres…on the stage!

The Fox Theatre auditorium is a beautiful place for presentations for a large group…a group of up to 4,678, to be exact. If you’re one of the presenters, you get to be on the stage! Of course we’d love to help you with pre- or post-presentation catering, entertainment, photography, decor…you name it, we’re your go-to!

If you could have stars from a Broadway in Atlanta show perform for your guests—at  an anything-is-possible-event—who would it be?

There’s another way to make it to the Fox stage…go on one of their guided tours, which often include a visit to the stage! I talked about that last week.

And there’s yet another way to get onto the stage at the Fox, and you can go there right this instant! Google and 100 Digital Creativity, Inc. partnered to create a walk-through experience of the Fox Theatre…where you can take a virtual walk onto the stage! Once there, you can get up close and personal to explore the famous “Jewel Drop” curtain, which features mosques and Moorish rulers in hand-sewn sequins and rhinestones! Start exploring here!

Taking to the stage of the Fox Theatre may seem like only a dream, but we think dreams are meant to come true.

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor




Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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