Love at the Fox: Jamie & Jason

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

This particular love story has a special place in my heart. Before I’d even met Jamie and Jason, I’d already heard some of their Fox stories. On the day of their wedding and wedding reception, I was their Event Manager from Affairs to Remember Caterers.

Theirs was one of the last events I managed, as I was already well into my role in Communications for the company, and it was also one of the most memorable events for me…because of them!

We recently enjoyed a “reunion” when I had the opportunity to interview Jamie and Jason. Their love for the Fox Theatre is genuine and heartfelt! I also made some photos during our visit that I’ll share here. Enjoy!

How did you meet?

Like every great relationship, it started as a friendship. We met through friends at ‘On the Bricks’ in Centennial Olympic Park. It was an Alanis Morrissette concert sometime in the early 2000s,” said Jamie.

What was your first Fox date?

One of our earliest dates was seeing ‘Phantom of the Opera’ at the Fox Theatre and another early date was a guided behind-the-scenes tour of the Fox Theatre,” said Jason.

Even today, we love any excuse to visit the Fox. It’s impossible to separate Atlanta from the Fox. The fact that the Fox is iconic and will be here for decades to come was a contributing factor in our decision to get married there. When we tell our wedding story, years from now, people will still know the Fox Theatre.”

Jamie shared, “Our dates at the Fox Theatre are countless! We’ve attended a variety of events at the Fox including concerts, plays, the Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival, the Annual Mighty Mo & More Holiday event, and we have recently purchased tickets to ‘An American in Paris.'”


Jamie and Jason in the Egyptian Ballroom

Jamie & Jason | Fox Theatre, Egyptian Ballroom | Photo: Travis S. Taylor


Where did you become engaged?

Jamie shared, “Jason proposed at Westminster Abbey in London, in January 2013. It was my first visit to London. On our next to the last day of the trip, we visited Westminster Abbey.”

In the North Cloister of the Abbey, Jason grabbed my hand and went down on one knee and said, ‘This Abbey has stood for a thousand years. I promise I’ll love you for at least that. Will you marry me?”

I said, “Yes!'”


Jamie and Jason in the Balcony

Jamie and Jason | Fox Theatre, Egyptian Ballroom | Photo: Travis S. Taylor


When were you married?

Jamie and Jason were married eight months after their engagement, on Saturday, August 10, 2013. Jason had said, “I only intend to do this once, so let’s make it extraordinary.”

Where were you married?

When we began looking for a venue, the Fox Theatre was one of the first places that came to mind, but we assumed that it would be out of our budget range. We looked at half a dozen venues over 6-8 weeks, some as far as six hours away!

Jason continued, “Then, on a whim, we called the Fox and started a dialogue that led to our dream wedding. Conveniently, the Fox was only a few blocks away from where we lived at the time!

Jamie and Jason were married in the Grand Salon and the cocktail hour included the Terrace.


Jason and Jamie in the Grand Salon

Jason and Jamie | Fox Theatre, Grand Salon | Photo: Travis S. Taylor


What were some of the highlights from the ceremony?

Jason said, “When we contacted the Fox Theatre and realized that it was a real possibility, I asked what was one of the most important questions for us…’Can our dog be a part of our wedding here at the Fox?’”

Expecting a “No, we don’t allow dogs“, Jamie and Jason were delighted to hear instead, “What kind of dog is it and how big is he?

Jamie shared with me, “Our dog Mardi is a 22-pound West Highland White Terrier (Westie). He’s nearly 16 years old now. At the time of our wedding, he had just turned 12.”

Jason said, “Mardi got his tuxedo even before I got mine. And on our wedding day, he was the first one to arrive at the Fox. Our planner brought him over for us. A Westie in a custom tuxedo and sunglasses made for an impressive entrance.”

Mardi was indeed part of their wedding ceremony—he walked the aisle with Jamie’s mother—and was perfectly behaved! “He even barked on cue at the conclusion of the ceremony when the guests applauded,” said Jamie.

Mardi then escorted his newly married parents up the aisle. He didn’t stay for the reception, but Jason and Jamie showed me some of the photos of Mardi from their wedding day…super cute!

Actually, come to think of it, Mardi was at the reception…in the form of fondant. Jamie and Jason’s wedding cake topper was custom-made. The cake was adorned with fondant movie reels and a red carpet that spanned the entire height of the cake. The topper was custom figurines of Jamie and Jason in their wedding attire and Mardi.


Mardi on the Terrace

Mardi | Fox Theatre, Terrace | Photo: Jessica Horowitz


Then there was the music…

Jamie and Jason’s love for movies was also reflected in their music selections for segments of the wedding party processional. Here’s their delightfully clever song list, which was performed live by a string quartet…

Seating of the Mothers: Edelweiss (The Sound of Music)

Groomsmen and Groom’s Entrance: Imperial March (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back)

Entrance of the Bridal Party: Your Song (Moulin Rouge)

Entrance of Bride: Canon in D (Ordinary People)

Exit of Bridal Party: When I’m 64 (The World According to Garp)

Jason shared that when the groomsmen and he started down the aisle to “Imperial March” some of the audience tilted their heads, perplexed by the unconventional entrance while fellow Star Wars fans had a great laugh.

Where was the reception? Tell us about your “Hollywood” theme.

Jamie and Jason shared, “Our reception was in the Egyptian Ballroom and we wanted to showcase not only our own interests but also what the Fox was famous for—movies and theatrical performances. We love movies and plays and it showed! The programs were playbills, the seating cards were movie tickets, and the table numbers were giant film strips. Affairs to Remember brought in decorative film reels and big candelabras; the linens were black and white with pops of red; and the wedding cake was pure Hollywood!”

Their menu included Miss Josephine’s Mac & Cheese, Atlantic Coast Antipasti, Caprese Salad Platter, and Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip, to name a few dishes. They told me that the Mac & Cheese was a huge hit!

We love what Affairs to Remember did with our candy station! It was beautifully displayed on a piano and the spotlight shining on it from above made it look even more spectacular! We did find it a challenge to keep the wedding party out of it before the guests were invited into the Egyptian Ballroom, but we knew then that our idea for movie concessions candy station was going to be a big hit with our guests,” said Jamie and Jason.


Jason and Jamie at the Piano

Jason and Jamie | Fox Theatre, Egyptian Ballroom | Photo: Travis S. Taylor


What’s your favorite show that you’ve seen at the Fox?

Without question, it has to be ‘Wicked’! We love how the Fox Theatre itself plays into the setting and serves as part of the set. It’s a magical, mystical place, so the Fox was the perfect setting to see this show,” shared Jamie and Jason.

If you could star in a movie, what film and character would that be?

With zero hesitation and while stroking his goatee, Jason said, “Han Solo! I’m a little ‘scruffy-looking’ and besides, who wouldn’t want to be Han Solo? Our guest book had photos from our engagement photo shoots and included romantic movie quotes. On one of the pages, there are photos of us with the famous lines between Han Solo and Princess Leia from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: ‘I love you.’ (Leia) and ‘I know.'(Han).”

One of their guests signed it, “Best page EVER!” I have to agree…that was totally awesome!

Jamie took a little longer to share an answer. Like me, she has a number of favorites. She landed on, “Maria, from ‘The Sound of Music‘. We’ve visited Austria and wanted to climb that famed hilltop to spin in the meadow like Maria did in the opening scene, but the weather didn’t cooperate while we were there. Next time, though!


Jamie & Jason's Wedding Day

Jamie and Jason’s Wedding Day | Fox Theatre | Photo: Jessica Horowitz


I’d like to offer Jamie and Jason a huge “Thank you!” for making time for a trip down memory lane, for sharing their love for the Fox Theatre, and for sharing their Fox Theatre love story. May your love be forever and span the reaches of a galaxy far, far away.


Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor



Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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Real World Questions to Ask Your Caterer

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

Hiring a caterer is serious business. Think about it. The number of moving parts is almost unfathomable…except, of course, by an experienced events professional. That’s where we come in.

With nearly 40 years of experience and expertise in designing and catering events, we are more than experts; we feel we are also thought leaders in the event design and catering worlds. And that’s why we’re not afraid to answer the hard questions. We welcome the hard questions.

Here are some to consider. Are you asking them of your caterer?

  • Do you offer free, personalized tastings? 

Our goal is to make our clients happy! Nobody likes to be treated to a cattle call. We are willing to do any number of tastings – all of them free. We like to start with a selection of our chef’s current favorites – a sampling presented in a private setting with just you and a highly experienced consultant. That individual attention allows us to get a good sense of your likes and dislikes and your vision for your special event. Then once we know we want to work together, we’re happy to do a personalized tasting based on your specially tailored menu.

  • How much insurance do you have?

Some caterers carry low limits of liability insurance. It’s important that you make sure this isn’t the case. The chances of something going wrong with your event are very small, but that’s why insurance exists – just in case – and you want your suppliers to carry adequate insurance – especially your caterer because the liability issues for caterers can be significant. We carry $2,000,000, and then on top of that we have an umbrella policy of $7,000,000 that provides you with an extra layer of confidence.

  • Can you provide allergen-free and dietary restriction meals?

Since our founding nearly 40 years ago, we have been sensitive to dietary restrictions, biological and cultural. Not only have we developed a full line of delicious allergen-free meals—several of them are even Top 8 allergen-free, gluten-free, and vegan–we also pack a special box on all of our served dinners for special requests. One of our chefs was selected as the Honorary Chair for the FARE Walk (formerly FAAN) because of our progressive work in this area. We also train our service staff on all items that contain nuts on buffets we set.

  • How many of your staff are professionally trained in food safety practices?

Listen carefully for others’ answer. If they can’t immediately tell you that at least one of their people is ServSafe certified, then they might be in violation of State regulations. The State of Georgia health authorities require at least one person to have this certification. Many organizations have one or two. We have approximately 15 at any given time. Also, along the lines of food safety, we own refrigerated vehicles so that we can transport your food to your event venue safely.

  • Do you have standards regarding fire protection at buffets?

This is a very important question to ask because nothing is more distressing than having a small manageable fire with no reasonable way to put it out. Our policy is to have a fire extinguisher under each and every table where cooking or heating flames are present, as well as an easily accessible one in the kitchen.

  • What programs do you have to support local farmers?

Our chefs have wonderful relationships with local farms, such at White Oak Pastures, and The Turnip Truck – a local produce and dairy distributor of products from local farms. We are also a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) pick-up point for the Farmers Fresh Food Network. Our farmer relationships include farms that grow produce and protein.

May we recommend that you keep this list for when you’re hiring a caterer, whether you’re talking with us about a special occasion at the Fox Theatre or wherever your event planning takes you…but we hope you’ll consider the Fox Theatre.

Wishing you happy and safe event planning!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor




Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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It’s Never Too Early to Plan

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

It’s never too early to start planning your next big Fox Theatre party.

Did you know that some companies have already booked the Fox Theatre for their 2017 holiday party? Did you know that many couples start planning their Fox Theatre wedding and wedding reception a year in advance? Did you know non-profit organizations will start planning their Fox Theatre fundraiser galas as soon as the current one concludes?

As is the case with popular concerts, plays and musicals, the best seats go first…when planning a private event at a venue as special as the Fox Theatre, the best dates are going to go first.

Fortunately, the Fox Theatre has multiple options for entertaining, allowing us to sometimes offer the same date to multiple party hosts and event planners.

Some of those options include the Egyptian Ballroom, the Grand Salon & Terrace, Landmarks Lounge, or even a full theatre buy-out!

So, what’s the best strategy for securing the ideal date for your event? It’s simple…BOOK EARLY!

Your AFFAIRS at the FOX consultant will be happy to share rental details with you, as well as some fantastic ideas for your party. Call us and let’s start planning your next special event at the Fox Theatre!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor




Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers
Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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12 Tips for Creative Fundraising

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

Every fundraiser—ever—is an opportunity to get creative.

Your biggest spenders (supporters) have likely been attending fundraisers for years and have seen the “same old thing”—year after year—which can be fun.

However, creating “new” fun experiences for your faithful supporters brings with it a potential increase in funds raised for your cause/organization and a encourages a return to your annual event next year, as well as serving as something fun for first-time fundraiser attendees.

While certainly not an exhaustive list, here are a few ideas—and some best practices—to explore when planning your next fundraiser event at the Fox Theatre.

Menus – People love food! Share your menu!

  • Create a PDF, image, or graphic of the evening’s menu or menu items to share in your email marketing, social media marketing, on your event’s website, etc.
  • Use your menu to tell a story by building a menu around your event’s theme. Share your menu creativity in your marketing efforts.

Unique Badges – Making name badges special can be an ice-breaker, helping guests to get to know each other, as well as getting each other excited about the auction!

  • Allow Guests to offer their “Nickname” for their badges.
  • Allow guests to pick from a selection of designs, during the registration process.
  • Make badges a “coupon” to use at one of your sponsor’s business.
  • Make badges a folded map to the Fox Theatre: Arcade, Egyptian Ballroom, Grand Salon & Terrace, Auditorium, Landmarks Lounge, Box Office (w/QR Code to information about the spaces and an option to buy tickets to a show or event).

Engage Bidders Throughout Event – Fundraising should be a social event. It’s not necessarily a networking event, so offer some help to get bidders excited about bidding. Get out from behind the auction tables!

  • Celebrity look alikes who encourage bidding
  • Team members from the organization engaging and helping with questions, but not engaging in lengthy conversations.
  • Mimes…they definitely won’t “talk” too long
  • Strategically placed “Did you know?” flip boards sharing information about the cause that’s being supported.

Bidding Sheets – These offer many possibilities!

  • Add a “jump to” line—a color coded line that a bidder can use to jump the lower bids, creating a new starting bid (of course they have to pay, if that bid wins!). This can accelerate bidding.
  • Add a “buy now” line. Bidders who bid this amount have just won (purchased) that auction item!
  • Prominently display the organization’s fundraising goal on the bid sheet.
  • List a “donate now” QR Code allowing bidders to contribute an extra amount to the fundraising goal, independent of bidding.
  • ALWAYS have your logo on bidding sheets!

Signage on Silent Auction Tables – Not everyone grabs a program when they come in and not everyone has read the website before they arrive. Make sure all guests know how much time they have to bid (list closing times on each sign). And remind them to bid frequently!

  • For two-dimensional signs, make them double-sided (unless placed against a wall—but try to make it possible to walk around tables).
  • Use color balloons for rolling closing times of auction tables. Green closes in 10 minutes; Yellow closes 10 minutes later; and Red closes 10 minutes later and concludes the Silent Auction. Communicate frequently during your silent auction what the colors mean.

Theme Your Auction Tables – Visual cues are important…and they motivate! Elevate them so they can be seen from across the room.

  • Use an elegant mannequin for “Jewelry & Fashion.
  • Frame a Map (double-sided) for “Travel”.
  • Use a GIANT stuffed animal for “Children’s Toys”.
  • A full-sized basketball hoop for “Sports”.

Photo Ops – People love seeing themselves in photos—good photos, that is. The possibilities are endless!

  • Use a social media photo booth that auto-populates your event’s hashtag.
  • Use a social wall (moderated, depending on the audience). A social wall can be two stories or two strategically placed Internet-enabled large monitors. Remember to use your event’s hashtag.
  • If emailing digital photos, provide your contact information and hashtags, as well as a link to a donation page.

Show Last Year’s Winners! – Either with signage at the event or in your pre-event marketing, show photos and/or video of the fun last year’s auction winners had! (Get their permission, of course.)

  • Photos with the items they won
  • Photos of them enjoying what they won
  • Testimonials from auction winners

Vary Auction Formats (and perks) – There’s a LOT of approaches to auctions!

  • Live auction!
  • Silent auction.
  • Raffle a prize or do a “50/50 raffle” (buyer gets 50% and charity gets 50%).
  • Showcase auction items online…generate excitement!
  • Pre-event bidding (onlilne).
  • Post-Event Rewards – If any or all of your sponsors offer discounts, offer a post-event “Show Your Ticket for 15% Off”, or similar reward, for attending. Remember to add an expiration date, if needed.

Sell a Signature Cocktail (with a raffle!)

  • Make it irresistible!
  • Each purchase earns a ticket for a drawing!
  • The winner receives a bottle from the beverage sponsor!

Video Marketing – Word-of-Mouth Marketing is King, but video is also strong!

  • Share video from last year’s event.
  • Create and share videos that show what contributions are going toward.
  • Share sponsor videos – “We’re proud to be a sponsor. Thank you for supporting (YOUR EVENT)!
  • Host a video contest to use in marketing efforts!

Sell Tickets! – Ever been to an event and wanted to buy a membership or tickets to an upcoming show or event at that venue? I have.

  • Sell tickets to next year’s event (at a discount).
  • Sell memberships to the hosting venue (a perk for them!).
  • Sell tickets to the hosting venue (a perk for them!).
  • Sell tickets (and provide information) to other events at that venue taking place throughout the year.

If your fundraising event needs a complete overhaul and you can do it, that’s fantastic! If you need a complete overhaul, but it’s not in the budget or available volunteer hours just aren’t there, then make a few high-impact changes. Don’t miss the opportunity to make changes because you don’t think you can…you can!


  • Don’t make the volume so loud that guests can’t engage in conversations. Take breaks away from the microphone.
  • ALWAYS have a post-event follow-up with event staff to discuss what worked and what didn’t—you’ll want these notes to review when you begin planning next year’s event!
  • In addition to thanking your volunteers for their time and other contributions, ask your volunteers for feedback about the event, what they thought worked and didn’t work. They may have seen something you didn’t.
  • Do all your follow-up (thank yous, surveys, emailed images, etc.) in a timely manner. Attendees always appreciate promptness—and it creates positive word-of-mouth!

Remember to have fun! Yes, you’re working…probably working very hard for the cause for which you’re raising funds, but you gotta make it fun. Start planning early and always do something to make this year’s event better than last year’s!

Your AFFAIRS at the FOX consultant would be happy to share some fantastic ideas with you. Call us and let’s start planning your next awesome fundraiser at the Fox Theatre!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor






Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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Love at the Fox: Jennifer & Thomas

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

It was love at first sight.

She was beautiful. She sparkled. She had all the right curves in all the right places. When I got to know her on the inside, I fell even more in love. Her stories would entertain me for hours at a time. And I was happy to share her. As many people from around the world, I too fell in love with the Fox Theatre.

This story, however, is about a colleague—one who has been in love with the Fox Theatre for a lifetime. She’s been on dates at the Fox, she became engaged at the Fox, and she hosted her wedding reception at the Fox!

This is the story of Jennifer Schiveree Farmer, her husband Thomas and how their love unfolded at the Fox Theatre, and over the years has become a family tradition.

How They Met

Jennifer and Thomas, both avid music lovers, met at Smith’s Olde Bar. They were there that fateful night with separate groups of friends, and after talking over the course of a few numbers by the live band that evening—The Blue Dogs—Thomas asked Jennifer on a date.

Confirming that it is indeed a small world, when Thomas picked Jennifer up for their first date, he found himself across the street from his sister’s house. In fact, Jennifer had been the unnamed subject of a proposed blind date that Thomas’ sister had attempted to arrange months earlier.

As time went on, the Fox Theatre played a significant role in their dating life and included lots of Fox-hosted concerts. Jennifer had been the Director of Sales and Marketing for a few years at the time she and Thomas met, and she was excited to share the Fox with her new love interest.

Over the years, a few of the Fox Theatre concerts these lovebirds sang and swayed to included John Prine, Jason Isbell, Old Crow Medicine Show, Wilco, Ryan Adams and The Lumineers.

The Marquee Proposal

The tempo of their love escalated and Thomas proposed, but how he did it was brilliantly romantic and a complete surprise to Jennifer.

On a summer Friday morning at 9:00 a.m., Jennifer crossed Peachtree Street on her way to the office after having parked at The Georgian Terrace. Thomas had arranged for the marquee to say…

Marry me, J. Waddaya say?

Jennifer read the marquee, but didn’t personalize the message. That was partly because of one of her job responsibilities at the Fox—to approve all marquee signage. She imagined to herself that someone else had handled a special request that she didn’t know about. It didn’t occur to her that the message was intended for HER.

Now at the edge of Peachtree Street in front of the Fox, Jennifer found Thomas on bended knee under the marquee, in the Arcade, hand outstretched holding a diamond ring and offering again the question presented in bright lights on the above marquee.

Thomas had arranged for Jennifer’s best friend and a photographer to be there, but what he hadn’t planned on was what he heard next.

Has my sister seen this ring?” was Jennifer’s first response.

Backstory of the Ring

Thomas ensured that his proposal to Jennifer would be a surprise by diverting attention away from his real plan, and instead toward the most popular proposal date on the calendar…Christmas!

Prior to the Christmas preceding their June engagement, Jennifer’s sister dropped a comment that Thomas had become terribly indecisive when ring-shopping. His young nephew dropped a comment that he had heard that Jennifer would be gifted something that started with the letter “D”—Jennifer visualized a diamond…who wouldn’t! In anticipation of Thomas popping the question, Jennifer arranged for both sets of parents to meet that Christmas Eve. Something was definitely going on!

Christmas morning bought joy and more than a little mystery. Thomas gifted Jennifer a Welsh Corgi named Dylan—something that indeed starts with the letter “D”, but there was no diamond ring tied to Dylan’s collar.

She Said “Yes!

Jennifer’s second response to Thomas’ proposal of marriage, who was still on bended knee under the marquee, was a resounding, “Yes!

The Planning

I love the way you feel when you walk into the Fox Theatre ballrooms! From the colossal columns climbing toward the 30′ ceiling in the Egyptian Ballroom to the original terrazzo tile floors with Mother of Pearl inlay in the Grand Salon to the private Terrace, you know without a doubt that you’re somewhere special. And it’s all real…it’s as magical today as it was when the building opened on Christmas Day in 1929,” said Jennifer.

I’d helped many, many brides with their weddings and wedding receptions at the Fox Theatre, so when it came time to plan my own, I knew exactly what I wanted and even though I worked for the Fox, everyone still made me feel extra special as a bride…they made me feel like a VIP. The magnificence of the building itself aside, I’d recommend the Fox for the ‘experience’ alone!

Jennifer’s wedding events spanned the breadth of Atlanta. Her rehearsal dinner was at Piedmont Driving Club, her Bridesmaid Luncheon was at Ansley Golf Club and their host hotel was The Georgian Terrace, across the street from the Fox Theatre.

The Wedding Day

My wedding day was extremely hot…in November! Regardless, I had borrowed my grandmother’s mink coat and was determined to wear it,” said Jennifer. “The coat was beautiful, but most important to me was this wonderful opportunity to honor my grandmother.

Jennifer’s bouquet was a burst of vivid fall colors, a theme that would carry into the design of her wedding reception.

Jennifer and Thomas were married at Cathedral of Christ the King in Buckhead, where one of their sons now attends school. After the ceremony, they made their way four miles down Atlanta’s famed Peachtree Street to the Fox Theatre.

The Reception

I always knew I would have my wedding reception at the Fox Theatre. I was born and raised in Atlanta and have been going to the Fox all of my life,” said Jennifer.

Recalling one of her fondest memories of having a Fox Theatre wedding reception, Jennifer said, “Having so many of my friends and family celebrating our union at the Fox Theatre meant the world to me…it was a truly special day. It was part of my family’s first time inside the Fox. It was important to me to host them in a place that means so much to me.”

Jennifer continued, “My beloved mother and father—who are both gone now—were there with us at the Fox Theatre that day, which also makes my wedding day a special memory.”

Immediately preceding Jennifer and Thomas’ wedding reception banquet was a cocktail hour in the Fox Theatre’s Grand Salon and Terrace.

While Jennifer and Thomas were having photos taken in the Fox Theatre auditorium and enjoying a private moment on the balcony of the Egyptian Ballroom, guests were enjoying cocktails and hors d’oeuvres of Seared Tuna Nicoise Crostini, Smoked Trout Apple Canapes, Beef Wellingtons, and Grapes Rolled in Blue Cheese and Pistachio.

When researching this story, I was delighted to learn that the great majority of the vendor partners who had a hand in creating Jennifer’s special day in 2005 are still today among our trusted vendor partners!

Her wedding was planned by Watermark Weddings; the band—Del Baroni—was secured through Lee J. Howard Entertainment; and her wedding cake—covered with chocolate frosting and decorated with fall colors and fresh fruit—was by Classic Cheesecakes & Cakes…Jennifer had a dream team!

On the Menu

Rich Wilner, today our General Manager, worked with Jennifer to design her perfect wedding day menu—a buffet of four amazing food stations! When asked what stood out as most enjoyed menu-wise that day, Jennifer said the “North Carolina Boston Butt Barbecue“, hands down!

Family and friends also enjoyed three other food stations, including one featuring Miss Josephine’s Mac & Cheese; another offering seared shrimp, a mosaic of roasted vegetables and several savory bruschetta; and another featuring our South Beach Press—pressed sandwiches of beef, cheddar, smoked gouda and caramelized onions!

Jennifer’s cake table was showcased in the center of the Egyptian Ballroom. The cake was the focus of the table, surrounded by highly polished silver champagne buckets filled with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Also, there was our Warm Berry Plunge in a fondue pot, and plated chocolate covered biscotti. Her reception was as much a feast as it was festive!

Lasting Love

Jennifer is passionate that the Fox will always be a part of her life, not only in memories, but in ongoing experiences. To name a few favorites, she and her daughter attended the “Mommy & Me” Frozen sing-along event during the Fox’s 2015 Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival; her family has attended Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker; and she and Thomas still have “Date Night” at Fox Theatre music concerts.

Jennifer said, “No matter one’s age or stage of life, the Fox Theatre is there for you. I will always go back…there’s always an occasion to celebrate at the Fox Theatre. It’s a love affair that lasts a lifetime.”


(This story first appeared on the Affairs to Remember website on February 12, 2016.)


Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor






Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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You said, “Yes!” Now what?

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

We’re excited to have Lisanne McDearman, Owner of Watermark Weddings, as a guest blogger! Did you know that December is when the greatest number of wedding engagements happen? If you are newly engaged and have been wondering what a professional wedding planner does, Lisanne is one of the best and a longtime trusted partner to Affairs to Remember, so we asked her to share this with you.


What Exactly Does a Wedding Planner Do?

Most wedding planners offer planning, designing and coordinating services and function as a project manager throughout a bride’s engagement. During the planning phase, the wedding coordinator will help a bride with vendor recommendations such as: venue, caterer, florist, band, photographer, hotel accommodations, wedding day transportation, etc. They will also assist with vendor contract negotiations and making sure you are staying on task with all of the other elements that go into putting together a wedding such as: save the dates, invitations, wedding attire, gift registry, ceremony details, reception details, guest welcome packages, reception floor plan, etc. A wedding planner will also help a bride to design the look she wants for her wedding. They will work with the florist, lighting company, linen provider, rental company, etc. to help design a cohesive look that is in line with the bride’s vision for her wedding. Lastly, a wedding planner will coordinate with all of the vendors in the weeks leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day itself. They will be the point of contact and director for all of the vendors, as well as family members, wedding party members, guests, etc. on the wedding day.

The wedding details are like a giant puzzle. A wedding planner gathers together all of those puzzle pieces from the bride and all of the wedding vendors. Gathering the puzzle pieces is a time consuming and tedious process and needs to be handled very meticulously. Once all of the information (the puzzle pieces) is collected, the wedding planner will then put the puzzle together and send out a clear picture to everyone of what the wedding day will look like. They then will field questions from all of the vendors and make sure everyone is on the same page with the most current information. A change with one vendor many times means a change that affects other vendors, so information is updated and disseminated as needed. A wedding planner will also let the bride know about the final vendor payments that are due on the wedding day (or shortly before) and will generally put together a wedding party/family wedding day schedule so that everyone is clear on where they need to be and when on the wedding day.

On the wedding day, a wedding planner is with the bride every step of the way to ensure that the ceremony and the reception are executed according to the plan. They function as the keepers of the clock: checking in with vendors to oversee their set-up, troubleshooting any issues that may arise, helping the wedding party get to where they need to be on time and leading you through the wedding day. All of this is done so that the bride, her family and wedding party members can enjoy the moment knowing that their wedding planner has everything under control.

About Watermark Weddings

Watermark Weddings is an Atlanta-based wedding consulting company, founded in 1995, that offers a diverse selection of wedding services as well as a vast selection of invitations and accessories. Our full-time staff of wedding consultants can help you to plan and coordinate your perfect wedding ceremony and reception. From the cafe-lined streets of Paris to the oak-shaded roads of Atlanta, we have the creativity and resources to design a flawless wedding for you.

Lisanne McDearman

Lisanne McDearman


Watermark Weddings

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AFFAIRS at the FOX 2016, A Photo Review

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

What a magnificent year!

We’d like to take you on a brief tour…a photo tour of AFFAIRS at the FOX events at the Fox Theatre during 2016.

The above photo is a wedding that we catered with Jim White Designs doing the fabulous decor. This wedding was the foundation for our new Fox Weddings Video!

Grand Salon Set for a Major Announcement

Grand Salon | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We were there when the Fox Theatre recently made a major announcement. Nancy Lutz, Director of Special Events, AFFAIRS at the FOX, designed the ballroom after a photo of the Grand Salon from circa 1929-30s. Stunning, isn’t it?

Fox-exclusive food

Fox-exclusive Falafel Fritters | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We’ve continued to build the Fox Food Story with new, innovative food and drinks inspired by the Fox Theatre, pulling from its architecture, its location at the epicenter of the New South and the wonderful shows and events on the Fox Theatre stage.

The dish pictured above is one of our Fox-exclusive hors d’oeuvres, our Falafel Fritters offered on radish raita and topped with micro greens. They’ve become a client favorite!

Served Dinner in the Egyptian Ballroom

Served Dinner in the Egyptian Ballroom | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We continue to design and cater truly special events including weddings, social occasions, fundraisers and corporate events. The magnificent event pictured above was in the Egyptian Ballroom.

Prom at the Fox Theatre

Prom in the Egyptian Ballroom | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We’ve long enjoyed creating first-time Fox Theatre experiences for a wide range of clients, oftentimes that first experience being the person’s prom. The circular object nestled between some of the majestic columns in the Egyptian Ballroom was the photo booth for this springtime prom!

Buffet in the Egyptian Ballroom

Buffet in the Egyptian Ballroom | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

This year we launched the AFFAIRS at the FOX Blog! Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for a chance to win some delicious prizes in an upcoming subscription campaign! Be sure to tell all your friends!

The blog focuses on party planning topics—but also enjoyable for any Fox fan—and are scheduled in alignment with industry purchasing habits. That’s why you might see a post about proms in December or post about weddings in January. The sidebar of the blog features snippets or short stories usually tied to the main topic, and are aligned to the three aspects of the Fox Food Story…the theatre’s architecture, its geographic location at the epicenter of the New South, and the magnificent shows on the main stage!

Corporate Event at the Fox Theatre

Buffet in the Egyptian Ballroom | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

Private events at the Fox Theatre range from weddings and wedding receptions to corporate parties, from fundraisers and proms; from non-profit events to holiday parties, from employee appreciation parties to client entertainment events…the possibilities are truly endless! They also range from 30-person parties in Landmarks Lounge to thousands of guest enjoying a full buyout of the entire theatre!

On the Terrace at the Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre’s Terrace | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We’ve seen brilliant uses of the Terrace, which is included with rental of the Grand Salon. There’s an awning on one end of the Terrace providing for the addition of an extra bar, often used for cocktail hour at wedding receptions or large corporate events. We’ve seen it tented in the winter and we’ve seen it crisscrossed with bistro lights on delightful summer nights.

Fox Theatre's Spanish Room

Fox Theatre’s Spanish Room | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We’ve seen more frequent and varied uses of the Spanish Room for corporate events, which most theatre-goers usually experience as an area to relax and get concessions during the intermission of a show. For larger parties, we’ve even put a live band in the Spanish Room, with room to dance and have food stations!

Did you know that the Spanish Room was originally used as private music rehearsal rooms for the Shriners. And they held meetings in the Spanish Room until 1949 when they moved to their Ponce de Leon Avenue location, where they continue to reside today.

Holiday Party at the Fox Theatre

Holiday Party at the Fox Theatre | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

And we are very honored continue to the the exclusive caterer at the Fox Theatre in December, giving us the prestigious opportunity to create holiday magic for thousands, every year!

There you go…a very brief recap of a few of our 2016 AFFAIRS at the FOX events. Thank you to our clients, to our trusted partners, and to the Fox Theatre for bringing AFFAIRS at the FOX to life and fostering its growth. We look forward to creating even more fabulous parties for you in 2017!

Happy holidays and may you each have a wondrous New Year!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor


Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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The Foundation for a Successful Fundraiser

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

There is a recipe for a successful fundraiser. But unlike grandmother’s “never measures” cooking style, when “cooking up” the perfect fundraiser, especially when one is new to the Hospitality industry, there’s a lot that has to be examined and even scrutinized.

The good news about that, however, is that it’s usually great fun in the end…you’ve create an awesome event and raised more than you ever expected for the great cause you’ve been working for so diligently.

Through our more than 39 years of experience, we’ve noticed that traditionally fundraisers take place in early fall and early spring, but you’ll find them peppered throughout the calendar. The date you select should follow your particular target audience’s calendar and likely availability. Timing is everything in this case!

Once you’ve determined when your target audience should be available, the task at hand is how to entice them to purchase tickets to YOUR event.

I’d like to speak to the Fox Theatre itself being a sound foundation for a successful fundraiser.

The Fox Theatre is the foundation for countless memories and experiences enjoyed by Atlantans, as well as many from around the world, whether it be a family’s tradition of seeing Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker during the winter; a group of cinema loving friends who attend the Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival every summer; or music loving couples who attend every Fox Theatre concert throughout the year.

My point is that many love the Fox Theatre, and many more are anxious for their first Fox Theatre experience.

If you plan properly—and work with an awesome team—you just may have the opportunity to showcase the Fabulous Fox Theatre in a way that makes the experience of your fundraising event the cornerstone on which Fox newcomers will build a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Speaking of an “awesome team”, AFFAIRS at the FOX offers a one-stop shopping opportunity. We partner with some of the finest photographers, entertainment experts, artisan bakers, AV super gurus, event designers, décor aficionados…the list goes on and on. We’ve been working with everyone on that list for a number of years and we call them “trusted partners” for a very good reason. They’re the best at what they do and we trust them to help make your events the success you want.

You don’t have to take our word for how wonderful our partners are. Many of them have client testimonials on their websites and review sites. Take for example CCP Events, Inc.‘s testimonials and Picture This! Photography‘s reviews (they beautifully photograph fundraisers, too!), for instance. A solid team is, again, a must-have foundation for a successful event.

Speaking of photography, if you’re hosting an annual fundraiser, look ahead to when you will be marketing next year’s event…be sure you hire a professional photographer to capture your awesome event! Again, you’re building a solid foundation, here.

Share them immediately so those who attended can relive the event, then throw in some #ThrowbackThursday’s on social media, and make sure you know where you filed them for when it’s time to promote next year’s event…perhaps again at the Fox Theatre!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor


Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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Still Haven’t Planned Your Holiday Party?

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★


Did you just inherit the planning of your company’s holiday party? Did someone else “volunteer” you to help plan the company holiday party, and nothing has been done yet? Did you actually volunteer to plan the company holiday party, but you’ve never planned a party of that caliber?

Not to worry! We’re here for you.

First things first. Call the AFFAIRS at the FOX team to secure your desired date. If it isn’t available, check with the person who gives the final approval and ask what alternate dates will work, including weekdays.

Keep in mind that the first two to three Saturdays in December are the first to fill up, so when you’re doing this next time, call well in advance—like the day after this year’s party—and book your Fox Theater space for next year!

If case you missed the big news last year, Affairs to Remember now manages all private event spaces within the Fox Theatre and with this partnership comes a one-stop-shopping option.

That’s to say that if you opt for an AFFAIRS at the FOX event, you may avail yourself of our expertise to book your entertainment, secure a band or DJ, provide or contract decor and event design, sign a photographer, and of course design a magnificent menu, as well as any other services—from our trusted partners and recommended vendors—that you might need!

There you go…we’ll make your holiday party planning process as simple as possible. We’ll help you join the ranks of clients who have engaged us to create their Fox Theatre holiday party and told us later how happy they were that they chose Affairs to Remember because they were able to relax and enjoy their own party!

Be sure to read this time’s sidebar stories, linked below, for some holiday party planning fun!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor

Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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It’s YOUR Birthday!

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

What do you want for your birthday?

When I was a kid, on our birthday we got to eat wherever and whatever we wanted and always got to choose the flavor birthday cake we wanted, which we’d enjoy after returning home from the restaurant.

I always asked for chocolate cake—still one of my favorites today, but, as an adult that’s something I usually indulge in when dining out. At home, I’m quite the creative baker. Not Sweeney Todd creative, but I’m not at all afraid of flavor!

I always looked forward to my birthday and would “plan” for weeks, sometimes months, what I wanted to eat on my birthday.

I would LOVE to have a birthday party at the Fox Theatre! It wouldn’t even have to be a milestone birthday…just having the party at the Fox would totally make it a milestone occasion!

One of the beautiful things about hosting a party at the Fox Theatre today–through the relatively new partnership between the Fox Theatre and Affairs to Remember–is that clients experience an elevated service level with our one-stop-shopping option!

That’s to say that you can come directly to the Fox Theatre Private Events team and they can handle everything from event space recommendations to contracting an event designer, DJ, entertainment, photographer, cake artisan and everything else! We have an awesome group of trusted partners.

If you want a more intimate birthday party, perhaps in conjunction with a favorite show or event on the Fox stage, Landmarks Lounge would be perfect! It accommodates up to 30 guests, and is perfectly comfortable for 15 or 20.

If you want to invite every single “friend” you have on Facebook, the Grand Salon and Terrace are a wonderful option. And if you want to go totally over-the-top, best-party-ever, you can expand into the Egyptian Ballroom, too! The sky is the limit, or in this case the 30′ high clerestory is the limit!

The brilliant thing about having a party catered is that you get to eat what you want and have a food expert–one of our highly experienced consultants–help you select your menu.

While, for me, the dinner menu—which must have “Miss Josephine’s Mac & Cheese“—is wholly important, I’m totally a sweets person. Not only would I have a specialty cake created by Frosted Pumpkin or Classic Cheesecakes & Cakes, I’d have a whole dessert buffet!

My specialty cake would, of course, be Star Trek themed—my friends would expect nothing less from me. And I’ve seen some amazing Star Trek cakes, and practically every other genre, that our baker partners have created! For the dessert buffet, I’d offer my guests some of my favorites from Affairs to Remember:

  • Miniature Chianti Cupcakes
  • Simply Chocolate Squares
  • Mini Chocolate Basil Cakes
  • Banana Pudding Shots
  • Orange-Saffron Macaroons

I’ve actually hosted an all-desserts party before—more than once—with an awesome cheese display on the side for those who don’t care for sweets or want something a little savory, too.

The possibilities are endless. I invite you to do something wholly unique and magical for YOUR birthday…

Host your birthday party at the Fox Theatre!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor




Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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A Mom Says “Do These”, Then Dance Like an Egyptian

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

We have a special guest blogger for you today. Jennifer Farmer, Assistant General Manager here at Affairs to Remember Caterers, but…she’s writing today as a mom…a mom who has planned hundreds of proms! The prom planning tips she shares here are applicable to many kinds of parties, so read on and then get to planning! – Travis

Let’s hear from all the moms and dads out there! School is back in session and aren’t we all secretly celebrating…just a little bit?!

With the new school year comes new teachers and school friends, and if you’re old enough to attend it…PROM. I’m a mom to three young children, so prom is in the distant future. But when the time comes for them, I have years of experience planning proms and I look forward to being involved in the process.

During my tenure at the Fox Theatre, my teammates and I planned hundreds of proms (call us!)  in the beautiful Egyptian Ballroom and Grand Salon and Terrace. A prom held in this historic landmark is truly magical with the starry theatre sky, glowing marquee and red carpet entrance.

No matter the location, the key to organizing a successful prom; begins with careful planning. It sounds elementary to have this checklist, but if you don’t allow enough attention to each of these areas; it can be the difference between a disaster and an epic celebration.

Here’s my “Top 5 Do-First” prom planning checklist:

  • Location, location, location. This is a popular phrase for real estate agents, but possibly, the most important element of planning prom is determining the location of town you desire to be in and then finding and securing the venue. The location should be unforgettable so that the memories can be shared with the grandkids. Capacity, logistics, and venue cost will all play an important part in this decision.
  • Save the date! When picking the date, remember to consult with neighboring schools and other city happenings. You don’t want to limit your venue choices because another school has selected the same night. City happenings will also affect availability and impact traffic.
  • Organize a planning committee. A fun part of planning is making it a team effort. Think about all the different help you’ll need and form student committees like décor, catering, entertainment, invitations, fundraising, etc.
  • Establish a budget. Your school advisor should be able to help with this and guide you with past practices. Our sales consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience with budgets, so we can be a resource as well with the ultimate goal of creating an “affair to remember” for everyone.
  • Pick a theme. ‘An Evening Under the Stars’ or ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’? Once the planning committee narrows the ideas down to a select few, let students vote on the prom theme so everyone feels included. The fun part of having a theme is that it will influence décor and colors, invitations, dress and party favors.

Sound like too much work? Leave the planning to us and experience our “one stop” services for all special event needs–including catering, design, audio visual, entertainment and more.

Jennifer Farmer


Assistant General Manager
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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We’re Turning 39! How Do You Celebrate Anniversaries?

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

Have you ever celebrated an anniversary at the Fox Theatre? We’d love to hear about it, whether a wedding anniversary, company anniversary or any other milestone anniversary that was celebrated at the Fox. Tell us about it in the comments section below!

On September 17, 2016, we will celebrate turning 39 years old…and we have no intention of holding! There’s a lot to be said for experience and we’re proud to say that we have a LOT of it. We are honored to have had the opportunity to serve Atlanta for so long and we’re proud to continue to be at your service.

Founded in 1977 by Ron Lazarus and Scott Ardolino, who still mentor and manage our team on a regular basis, we’re proud to say that Affairs to Remember Caterers has been creating and catering special events at the Fox Theatre for the greatest majority of the company’s existence.

When you’re planning your next anniversary celebration, if you’d like one of Atlanta’s most experienced caterers to help make your AFFAIRS at the FOX event memorable, we’re at your service.

So, how are we celebrating our 39th? Well, some would say 39 is not a milestone anniversary, but as Atlanta’s longest operating luxury caterer—and Atlanta’s greenest caterer—we think it’s pretty special. We’ve seen a LOT of changes over the years—and especially over the last few. While we’re definitely honoring our 39th, we’ll probably save any internal big celebrations for our 40th anniversary, which we’re of course very excited about!

Please, offer some ideas in the comments section for how we might celebrate our 40th! And when you call us, we’ll have LOTS of ideas to share with you on how to make your anniversary celebration extra special.

In 2012, when we celebrated our 35th anniversary, I worked with the leaders of the company to create a “Congratulations” video, which features comments from Mayor Kasim Reed, Sylvia Weinstock, many of our trusted (and cherished) vendor and venue partners (including a congratulatory message on the Fox Theatre marquee and many of our remarkable employees.

When planning your special anniversary event, talk with your special event consultant about adding a special message on the Fox Theatre marquee!

Another anniversary we’re excited about…we recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Fox Theatre and Affairs to Remember Caterers Partnership. We now manage an elevated, one-stop shopping experience for Fox Theatre private events clients…we can do it all, from catering and entertainment, baker to photographer, décor to planners.

We’re super excited about what the future holds and we remain at your service!

Travis S. Taylor


Travis S. Taylor















Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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Planning Photos for Fundraising Success

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

We’re excited to host Patrick Williams, Owner & Director of Direction of PWP Studio, as our first guest blogger on the AFFAIRS at the FOX Blog. Patrick and PWP Studio have been a trusted partner of Affairs to Remember Caterers for many years and they have photographed countless special events at the Fox Theatre. Enjoy Patrick’s insights for planning a successful fundraising event. – Travis


The Fox Theatre is among my favorite Atlanta venues to photograph special events because the ‘movie palace’ makes me feel like I am stepping back in time to an era of exotic opulence that could only be imagined in fantasy! Every nook and cranny of the historic icon is adorned with detail that begs to be captured with a creative eye! Plus, it is the perfect backdrop for a fundraiser because—just like my experience—event guests are transported to a time when going out meant going all out; big spenders had grand times!

From a planning perspective, utilizing a photographer in the correct way could be one of the most beneficial elements you plan for your fundraising event. Notice that I mentioned utilizing a photographer in the “correct way”—not just having a photographer onsite; the main difference between just having a photographer onsite and utilizing a photographer correctly translates to the difference between just having some fun party pics versus successfully marketing your annual event in the future.

Here are the top five requests you should make when it comes to hiring a photographer for your next, and subsequent, fundraising event:

1. Branding! Branding! Branding! It is no secret that sponsors want exposure, and usually the more exposure the better! When you have a photographer scheduled at your event, make sure and ask for a good selection of images that include the branding/logo of all sponsors – and especially key ‘presenting’ or high level sponsors. Ask for these images to be “clean” (with no people or other distracting elements), and ask for some with other elements incorporated into the image like auction items, entertainment, photo-journalistic images of engaged guests enjoying the event, or posed small group photos of representatives/attendees from the sponsor company itself.

2. Creative close-ups of auction items, or signage stating what items will be used for the purpose of fundraising. Request a variety of: single item images, tabletop images, and vignette images to include multiple displays of different sizes, if applicable.

3. If you are running an auction with bid lists, make sure to request photos of the lists of a few of the more “active” auction items. Similarly, if there is going to be some sort of live auction – request photos of the crowd emphatically raising hands, raising bid numbers, or engaging the auctioneer.

4. Overall images showing a variety of angles of a well-attended space/activity – capture as many different well-attended spaces as possible.

5. Well-lit images of VIP guests – with and without key sponsor logos in the background. It will be up to you to define that list of VIP guests, but your photographer needs to clearly understand you have an expectation that those guests will be included in his/her photos before the end of the evening.

Now, how you use these images is probably just as important as having them to begin with! When you’re planning your next fundraiser, you’re better equipped to engage past and prospective sponsors with images showing your past event was well attended, buzzing with bidding, and sponsor logos presented beautifully. Show a prospect how their donated item will be displayed/merchandised, or the difference between sponsorship levels with a picture.

With a varied collection of these images, you also have a content library deep enough to support year-long efforts to increase attendance with social media, blog posts and event advertising – without using the same image or two over and over again.

All in all, when you trust a competent photographer with a thorough list of expectations, you are building an image library that will support your donations, sponsorship, and attendance for years to come!

Patrick Williams

Patrick Williams











Owner & Director of Direction
PWP Studio

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Take the Stage!

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

Ever dreamed of being on the stage of the Fox Theatre? You can be!

If your dream is to perform a role in a touring Broadway play or musical, that route to the stage is out of our hands, so sorry…but tell us when you make it and we’ll bring friends! However, as the host of a special event at the Fox, you can invite your guests to dine onstage, whether a cocktail reception before proceeding to the ballrooms for dinner, dancing and dessert, or a served dinner on the main stage!

I remember one onstage dinner in particular, when Phantom of the Opera was in town. During an onstage served dinner, the lead actor and actress—in costume—performed numbers from the play, from the balcony! There were a lot of surprised and impressed diners that evening.

And not too long ago, the Fox Theatre itself hosted an event to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the “Save the Fox” campaign, which began with live music, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres…on the stage!

The Fox Theatre auditorium is a beautiful place for presentations for a large group…a group of up to 4,678, to be exact. If you’re one of the presenters, you get to be on the stage! Of course we’d love to help you with pre- or post-presentation catering, entertainment, photography, decor…you name it, we’re your go-to!

If you could have stars from a Broadway in Atlanta show perform for your guests—at  an anything-is-possible-event—who would it be?

There’s another way to make it to the Fox stage…go on one of their guided tours, which often include a visit to the stage! I talked about that last week.

And there’s yet another way to get onto the stage at the Fox, and you can go there right this instant! Google and 100 Digital Creativity, Inc. partnered to create a walk-through experience of the Fox Theatre…where you can take a virtual walk onto the stage! Once there, you can get up close and personal to explore the famous “Jewel Drop” curtain, which features mosques and Moorish rulers in hand-sewn sequins and rhinestones! Start exploring here!

Taking to the stage of the Fox Theatre may seem like only a dream, but we think dreams are meant to come true.

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor




Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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Around the World in an Evening

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

Admit it. There has been more than one occasion when someone asked you where you’d like to go for dinner and you named a destination thousands of miles away.

I have. Many times.

Paris is always at the top of my list, but I’d also love to dine at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, or dine alfresco with a backdrop of the Pyramids of Giza, or return to Iguazu Falls in Argentina for a sunset dinner overlooking the world’s third largest waterfalls. I could go on and on.

An experience at the Fox Theatre is much like my dining bucket list. It’s a trip around the world!

The shows on the Fox stage have taken visitors to places as far away as Thailand (The King & I), Africa (The Lion King) and Paris (Phantom of the Opera). This year’s Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival is taking movie-goers to an islet off the coast of Central America’s Pacific Coast, near Costa Rica (Jurassic Park); a small town in Europe (Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory); and Chicago (Some Like it Hot), just to name a few!

The architecture of the Fox Theatre is a glimpse into the splendor of the Arab World, specifically Egypt and Morocco. The ceiling in the main auditorium was inspired by an Arabian evening sky. You will find the Egyptian Ballroom to be highly stylized after Egypt—it was only seven years before the Fox opened that King Tut‘s tomb was discovered! And the Grand Salon features beautiful Moroccan tiles and patterns, as does the more intimate Landmarks Lounge.

And then there’s the food!

Affairs to Remember’s Executive Chef Ahmad Nourzad grew up in Tehran learning from his mother how to cook. Since, he has cooked in Vienna, Austria, and Austin, Texas. He matriculated at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York City and earned his Southern “chops” here in Atlanta! When you’re enjoying an Affairs to Remember Caterers catered event, you’re enjoying culinary expertise from many parts of the world.

Affairs to Remember has partnered with experts in other culinary genres—if you want sushi, we know the best; if you want Indian, we know the best; if you want BBQ, well, we do that quite well, but we know some of the other bests in Atlanta, too!

We have great experience in designing and executing “around the world” menus for clients and their guests. Where do you want to take your taste buds? Let’s talk!

Fox Theatre tours also can be a trip around the world. Through the Moroccan and Egyptian architecture, to discussions of the international stars that have and are and will perform onstage at the Fox, to the exquisite Southern Hospitality you’ll experience from Fox Theatre and Affairs to Remember staff, any given experience, any given evening at the Fox Theatre can very well be a trip around the world!

Bon voyage!

Travis S. Taylor

Travis S. Taylor


Director of Communications
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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Welcome to the “AFFAIRS at the FOX Blog”!

★ ★ ☆ ★ ★

If you’re like most Atlantans, you have a special relationship with the Fox Theatre. Maybe you saw your first Broadway show here, or perhaps you attended your high school prom or a wedding or company event in one of our magnificent ballrooms.

Like so many of us, you are a Fox fan.

If you also love parties and food, then you’re going to enjoy following this new blog titled “AFFAIRS at the FOX. Twice a month on Fridays, your favorite Fox blogger Travis S. Taylor and a host of guest bloggers will bring you exclusive, behind-the-scenes lowdown on the Who, What, When, Where and Why of some of the country’s most dazzling special events.

For instance, did you know that when The Jersey Boys appeared on the Fox Theatre stage, Affairs to Remember’s culinary staff created a four-course dream meal that any Italian grandmother would be proud to serve on Sunday? And each course represented one of the “four seasons”, of course! Doing this was part of the relatively new Fox Food Story.


Let’s have some trivia fun! Some of you know that there’s a “Wall of Fame” in the Fox Theatre offices. The hundreds of celebrity headshots in this hallway—many of them autographed—are some of the many entertainers who have performed on the Fox stage. There is only one celebrity who has the distinction of having TWO photos on this wall. Who is that celebrity?

If you’re the first person to answer correctly in the comments field below, you will win a dozen of our signature Simply Chocolate Squares! Employees or affiliates of Affairs to Remember and the Fox Theatre are not eligible and the squares are for pick-up only, but believe me…they’re worth every square inch!

Okay, back to the blog.

Beginning in just one week, you’ll be taken behind the scenes for an “Around-the-World” tour of the Fox. In the minutes it takes to read even a few posts on this blog, you’ll discover things such as backstage secrets, magical passageways…and even a visit from Willy Wonka who’ll talk to you about special chocolates!

In the weeks and months to come, you’ll discover little-known facts about the Fox and how it has become home to Atlanta’s memory-making proms, anniversaries, wedding receptions, fundraisers, corporate celebrations and other award-winning special events!

And now for some navigational tips: Each week’s theme will be found in the central portion of the blog – that’s where you’re reading right at this moment. On the right side, you’ll see three smaller areas – these speak to the three elements of Fox Food Story. You’ll be hearing a lot about the Fox Food Story in the coming months.

Watch the sidebars to the right for interesting facts and vignettes on the subjects that we hold near and dear to our hearts at the Fox – its majestic architecture (today’s sidebar is about those wonderful Egyptian Ballroom columns that we love); its location in the heart of the New South (“May I Offer You…” gives you a glimpse inside a specially-created Fox vocabulary); and the Fox’s spectacular Broadway-style shows (today you’ll read about some fantastic ways to entertain clients and guests during the run of those shows).

You’ll learn about things in this new blog that you’ll catch nowhere else – unless you’re on the *inside*…and that’s exactly where you’ll be when you subscribe to our AFFAIRS at the FOX Blog.

We look forward to whetting – and satisfying – your appetite for all things Fox, food and special events!

Patrick Cuccaro

Patrick Cuccaro


Managing Director
Affairs to Remember Caterers

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